A Monocle Chronicle!

Attention to all gadget junkies and music lovers! C’mon, you have to identify with at least one of those categories right? I mean who doesn’t like gadgets? And I bet my pet cat’s life that no one dislikes music!

So let me get straight to the point and introduce to you all, my new-found friend, 
the MONOCLE by Native Union

My first impression of it is that it looks like a macaron! Well doesn’t it? Yes, I’m such a girl with my Laudrée references, but anyway… 
I am thrilled to share that it works as great as it deliciously looks!
6 different designs/colors are available in the market as of now and I couldn’t be happier with my mint green Monocle. 
Reminds me of one of my fave ice cream flavors from Blue Bunny.
Well, the box and sleek packaging really says it all:
It’s basically a handset, a speakerphone, and a speaker all in one convenient and stylish device!
But it’s different when you experience it for yourself!

At first I was a bit intimidated by how all these features are present in one tiny round mint macaron-looking Monocle… and as I was unraveling it from the box, all I kept thinking was, “Make it work!”

The box contains 2 cables (one for charging, & for the loop), a user manual, one very colorful Native Union Lookbook that showcases all their other unique and functional products, and of course the trusty warranty card!
The Monocle zoomed in!
The contents of the manual to help you through operating your Monocle!
Et voila! The ultimate sign of life— light! This indicates that the device is ON and is on speaker/speakerphone mode. Turning it on is accompanied by a clicking sound as you rotate the rim.

So it worked smoothly, and so far it’s awesome… providing a clean and crisp-clear sound!  Its volume range is pretty wide too, controlled by my personal favorite feature of the Monocle, 
the ‘volume control wheel.’

Track selections are commanded by clicking the only button on the device!
1 click = play/pause
2 clicks = next track
3 clicks = previous track

Good thing the team designed it to be compatible with ALL DEVICES too! More chances and occasions to use it for. Not to mention, the Monocle a great conversation starter, isn’t it?

The full duplex enabled microphone feature also allows taking hands-free calls and conferences or group calls as well! 
Also, I can’t wait to try out the daisy-chain feature and link my Monocle with other Monocle units for that ultimate shared sound-tripping session! Perfect for that collective beach bumming soundtrack!
It really is ultimately up to you to to “Wear it Your Way.”

Monocle units are available in Astrovision, Astroplus, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Heima, iGig, and Quicksound. Retail Price: P2,250.

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