Aesthetique Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device: Your Handy Diamond Peel Machine


 I’m always on the look-out for interesting finds! Style, beauty, tech… I’m all for that. But when an innovation mixes in all these elements in one handy-dandy mystical object… One simply, must learn more about it! I did more than that, and now I’m hooked.

What am I talking about? Say hello to my new favorite toy, the gorgeous, Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device. So we all get what the word “revitalize” suggests, but what about “Microdermabrasion Device”? It’s basically a non-invasive exfoliating treatment that lifts, lightens, and smoothens the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells via an exfoliating crystal tip and suction.

So this device is much like your personal, portable, rechargeable diamond peel unit, or magical beauty wand but in a very adorable pear shaped form that fits right at the palm of your hands.
I must admit that this is the most techie I’ve gone in terms of being a beauty and skin care enthusiast. It’s pretty exciting to have such a grown-up and advanced beauty toy. I honestly thought using it would be a bit intimidating and overwhelming since I’m used to having my exfoliation treatments, diamond peels, and such in my derma clinic. But after learning the basics from the Aesthetique Solutions team, makers of the RMD (Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device), it took me no time to get the hang of it and got addicted pretty fast!
The Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device includes these:– Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device
– Standard tip
– Fine tip
– Disposable filters
– Charger and stand
– USB Cable
– USB Adaptor

– Brush
– Pouch
* One year waranty

There’s also a kit with the Aesthetique Skin Care Line that includes:
– Revitalize cleanser
– Revitalize cooling gel
– Revitalize broad spectrum sunblock
* Recommended use: once a week
Although it’s a personal machine, it’s already dermatologist-grade and you can expect professional results. You can use this device for your face, neck, and body, and just change up the tips depending on the part you’ll be concentrating on. For finer lines like under the eyes, creases of the face and such, the fine tip is recommended. The standard tip is built for the cheeks, forehead, neck, and chest. There’s also a larger tip, available online that can be used in bigger skin areas such as the legs.


So how does it work? Make sure all parts are all in place… there has to be a filter inserted at the bottom of the tip you’ll be using. Next, attach the tip onto the device with the filter in, and the exfoliating crystal rim facing out. Make sure you charge the device fully, and change your filters regularly too.

Turn the power on, and adjust the magnitude of the suction according to your skin’s sensitivity. You can only choose between levels 1, 2, and 3.

Slide the tip of the device onto your skin in one direction and exfoliate! One or two gentle passes will do, depending again on your skin’s condition and sensitivity. There’s also a guide on the device’s screen on where you can direct the tip on your face.

You can set the duration of each “pass” and also pause any time you wish. It’s really built for convenience and pleasure!

After having used the machine, you would see all the dead skin your trusty new toy has “vaccummed” for you when you detach the tip and see the filter.

You can use the little cleaning bristle provided in the box to maintain the condition of your exfoliation tip. You can also wash it with water and soap.

First time I got hooked, was the first day I got to try it. After only a few strokes of the RMD on my arms made them feel instantly smoother! I remember the addiction continued in the car, on the way to an event I was about to host. The traffic was extremely terrible, and I just got a hold of the device… So I thought to myself, why not exfoliate in the car and forget the stressing situation? So, that’s exactly what I did… Happily, focused, and with quite a lot of dead skin successfully shed. Upon arriving at my next venue, I wasn’t only saved from boredom, but I was also feeling and looking smoother than ever. Yay!Constant use of the device can also help prevent breakouts, reduce the appearance of dark spots or age spots, minimize the appearance of pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. Some results, you can see within 5 minutes of use! Impressive right? If you wish to share the device amongst your family at home, they can purchase separate tips online, at Php 1,500 per tip. The filters also come in a pack at Php 150 when you run out.

If you’re a fan of DIY, diamond peels, and feeling like you’ve got magic in your hands, well this is just the perfect little beauty gadget for you! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I am! Let me know your experience if you decide to get one too! 

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