Back at it Again with a Bubba Birthday! #JCtropical23

Somebody please make a song about being Twenty-three? April 6 was the day and it wasn’t until a week before that when I decided to go through with yet another celebration with good friends, family and food! At the end of the day, having a party always sounds like a good idea. I mean, why not right?

Last year I got to celebrate my birthday and intimate graduation dinner with family, a few batch mates, and good friends, and I was really pleased with how everything turned out.
I didn’t exactly have enough time to plan out details of the party but it all turned out great thanks to the professional team of Bubba Gump Philippines!

So this year when I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday there again how could I refuse? I was really hands off last year because I was quite busy well, graduating. So this time around, despite my last minute confirmation of wanting to push through with a party, I wanted to enjoy the party planning process… and planning was really all that I did because the execution was all up to the Bubba Gump staff!Since it was the peak of summer, I decided to go with a tropical themed atmosphere and vibe. It was also more fitting with the interiors of the already beautifully decorated Forest Gump themed restaurant. My concern was actually to make sure the area won’t look untidy and overly embellished.

I had a little less than a week to come up with a vision and overall theme of the party so where else would I go to for some inspo but one of my favorite sites, Pinterest!
Aside from being a professional host, I do actually enjoy throwing and hosting parties…
​I love how you get to create a venue for your dear friends to gather together over great food, a beautiful ambiance, and of course each other’s company.

So whenever I’d log into Pinterest I’d pin “party ideas” even though I wasn’t really up to anything. Now I finally had a chance to fulfill my Pinterest fantasies and turn them into a reality. I saved some pegs and sent them to the staff I was coordinating with. I was quite pleased with the constant updates I’d get whenever there would be new developments. It was definitely reassuring, and it helped build up my excitement.Then finally the day came where I’d see my simple dream celebration come to life! But first… work, work, work, work, work!! It was a Wednesday and it was a game day at the UAAP Volleyball Tournament, so that meant we also had a live UPFRONT at the UAAP broadcast. I was assigned as one of the hosts that day and I was actually pretty excited! The party wasn’t until dinner time anyway so I was all theirs for the afternoon!

Here are some photos from the day:

They even surprised me with a happy birthday cake on air before signing off! Thank you Team Upfront and ABS-CBN Sports + Action! Was really touched!
Some UAAP fans were even in on it! Haha It was nice to have a fun atmosphere for my birthday that afternoon. Everyone was ready to cheer for their favorite volleybelle, and some knowing that it was my birthday would greet me too!

Some sweet fans even sang me their own rendition of a happy birthday song in unison! Happy I got to Snapchat the moment too so I can always look back at it. It was a pretty hot day out and our taping was held in an outdoor set at the San Juan Arena, so before heading to my party, I dropped by MAC Cosmetics Glorietta to freshen up my look.Del, was my Beauty God Mother that day… and all I told her was that I’ll be having a tropical themed party. Love that she really went for it and played around with such fun colors like green and coral!

Here’s my total look!
Thank you as well to Kiyosa for my lashes, and Air Optix Colors for my lenses! My hair style is courtesy of Nani Concepcion, one of our Upfront at UAAP hairstylists!

I remember being quite tired that day having to make sure everything was settled the night before, and coming from work… so I was happy I got to close my eyes for a little while on the make-up chair and just recharge. Also did a quick outfit change because the hostess has to of course be in theme!I was a little nervous coming into the venue because I just wanted it to look like how I envisioned it. At the same time I didn’t want to expect too much, because I was already grateful enough that this celebration was about to take place! Upon entering Bubba Gump in Greenbelt 3, I proceeded to the inner area of the restaurant where our private event was reserved and I was so impressed with how everything turned out! I saw the pretty lanterns and fairy lights I requested, and I was really pleased with how they took charge with adding other tropical details. The food we had was amazing as usual! For parties, there are certain best selling dishes you can choose from to build your buffet table spread. Drinks were available upon request, and my friends definitely got the memo. Glad to know they enjoyed! 

Here are more photos from the evening…

Thank you for the sweet surprises and lovely gifts! Most of all, thank you for the friendship and the love. You guys are the best! It was a reunion of sorts, and it was great to see friends from the industry and some of my good personal friends all in one room enjoying each other’s company and the party!We also threw a little contest in true millennial manner via Instagram! See our hashtags: #JCTropical23 and #JaneenasBubbaBirthday to see how that went! Haha We gave away some of Bubba Gump’s signature blinking cups, which are my favorite by the way, as well as some gift certificates! Just a little something to spice up the evening, aside from the drinks.

Also brought my Instax Mini 70 to the party so guests can have their mementos of the evening, aside from the golden pineapples they requested to bring home for their flatlays! Haha Ahem! If you’re reading this post… well I’m happy I was of help to your feed! HahaWe asked guests to write down their well wishes in these tropical shaped stationery too, and fill up my bucket of wishes. Yay! Hand-written letters are still the best, and I love that I can always look back at them when I need more motivation and inspiration.

The evening went by like a beautiful, delightful tropical whirlwind… friends, food, photos, snaps, small talk, real talk, surprises, seafood, flower necklaces, golden pineapples, and everything in between.

I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Thank you again to everyone who made this celebration possible, and to everyone who came and celebrated with me. This night was more of a thanksgiving celebration, as my way of treating you guys to a tropical evening of fun for all your love. Thank you DetailsPH for dressing me!Thank you once again to the photographers of the evening, Richard Esguerra, Gerard del Mundo, Charles Rodulfo for the awesome photos!

Also to my mom and sister for taking some in my Fujifilm X-A2!Hope you got some party throwing ideas from this post too! And if you wanna have your dream Bubba Birthday or celebration as well, visit their official page here! Even if I wasn’t able to visit as many beaches as I hoped this summer, I wouldn’t trade anything for this tropical twenty-three celebration with the people I love! 

Until the next my loves!

Tropically yours,