Baguio Bound Style: A Closer Look

Last weekend, I had a little escape from the hustle, bustle, and heat of Manila. It had been quite a while since my last visit to the “summer capital of the Philippines” – Baguio City, and although it was only a short trip, it was nonetheless sweet.
It was a last minute trip, thus the packing was also last minute! We all know that in every trip, getaway, or adventure, whatever you wanna call it… what makes it a truly memorable one is who you’re with, and getting “lost” with them.  Meanwhile, what makes it all quite taxing is the packing. This time though, I was quite excited to layer-up and pack some old and new favorites perfect for a chiller atmosphere. So here are some snaps from the trip, with two of my favorite looks. Stay tuned for the vlog post very soon on featuring my #janeenadventures in Baguio!

I’ve been wanting to incorporate a bonnet somehow in one of my #ootds, and this was the perfect venue and weather for it! This particular one is an old favorite. It’s been quite a while since I last got to wear it that I totally forgot where it was from exactly. But there are tons of quaint little outlet shops in Baguio where you can easily spot a cute bonnet or two! 

Wore a thick and super comfy jacket from Wrangler. I love that its silhouette is structured like a blazer, so it’s not only comfy, and functional, but it also gives you a more polished and neat look. 

I thought of wearing leather during the trip since I’ve been loving the leather trends this season. However, it wasn’t exactly leather-weather cold so I decided to save it for another day. If you’ve been loving leather trends yourself, Zalora has a wide variety of leather selections from top to toe! They even have faux leather choices, so the heat in Manila won’t be a problem.

#janeenadventures board meeting
Afternoon delights at Cafe by The Ruins: Lemongrass tea with honey, Suman and Tsokolate, Duck Mami, and a tall glass of fresh Lemonade!
A picture-perfect Swan Lake moment at Burnham Park’s lake!
Checked out The Ketchup Food Community to see what the buzz was all about! Bought home a pack of that delicious Turmeric tea at hand.
Loved staying at The Manor in Camp John Hay. Can’t get cozier that this!
This purple maxi dress/robe by Details was such a joy to wear. Not only was it frill-free, but it was also weather appropriate, and fit the dress code for breakfast at Le Chef that morning. I just find it so magical when pieces succeed at being comfortable without having to sacrifice the element of style. 
Brunch time silhouettes over great food an a relaxing view. Love that they have a Taho and Palabok station – my favorites from the buffet.

Beautifully crafted glass windows and interiors inside Baguio’s famed Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral

Specialty cakes from Vizco’s, on Session Road to bring home to Manila!
Excited to share more details and scenes of this trip soon on my YouTube channel! Subscribe to for weekly videos! 

Hope you all had a blessed Sunday, and have a great week ahead!