Banila in Manila: I Scream for CC Cream!

With shoots and events almost every day that require me to put make-up on, can’t help but rejoice whenever my skin and I get a day-off from applying beauty products. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t deny the fact that dolling up just gives me a different kind of high. I guess it’s the artist in me. I always feel as if my blank face is a canvas, and I get to paint on it in different ways for different looks and occasions. It’s so much fun, especially when you have the right tools! 

But I do love skin care products as much because I get to treat myself to what my skin needs to feel good, and in turn, look great. I for a fact really invest in quality skin care, and the discipline that comes with it in applying my daily dose of “the good stuff.” They say it really pays off in the long run. Good skin actually saves you more make-up application time too! So you can imagine my delight whenever I get to stumble upon these magical make-up-slash-skin-care products! Recently, I got to try Banila Co’s It Radiant CC Cream and the It Radiant CC Cushion compact. 

Most people would be more familiar with BB creams or “Blemish Balm” creams, especially here in Manila since many BB lines have been introduced in the market. Now for those who aren’t quite familiar, BB creams have more coverage, while CC creams aren’t just a level higher than the BB just because of its latter sequence in the alphabet. CC actually stands for “Color Corrector” – something completely different from the qualities you get from a BB cream.

Although BB Creams have thicker consistency, skin care benefits, and higher SPF vs. typical liquid foundations, it still doesn’t give you full coverage for those who need it or are going for that look. CC Creams meanwhile, simply color corrects the skin. It’s catered to skin types with redness or sallow skin tone. Some may note that it doesn’t give as much coverage as BB creams, but then again CC creams have more skin benefits! I’m not complaining at all! 
Since I tried my Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream, I’ve been using it as a make-up base before I apply either a BB cream or foundation. Banila’s CC Cream is a pinkish solution that immediately feels hydrating to the skin. I also love how its consistency is lightweight, perfect for our humid tropical weather especially now that it’s summer.
I then found out that this brand is Korea’s first water-based CC cream, and its 50% moisture content really keeps your face hydrated the entire day–don’t we all just need a little more of this under the Manila heat? This also leaves our faces healthy both inside and out, and gives off that dewy finish… just like your favorite Korean superstars.
The It Radiant CC cream’s main qualities are that it whitens, moisturizes, and brightens the complexion. It also smoothens and protects the skin with its SPF 30 PA ++.
 Touching up is made convenient with this cute It Radiant CC Cushion Compact that gives a double moisturizing effect. And I must say, I love using it for quick retouches especially in outdoor shoots when the scorching sun burns your skin. One re-application feels like a refresher! I got the BE20 Honey Beige Shade since it was recommended for me. Even if it’s the darkest shade from all the options, it still gives you a fair finish because of its brightening qualities. Actually you can also be a bit more careful not to apply too much as it might make your neck and face have uneven skin tone. Below is a little application guide I found in their site:
No wonder Koreans have super glowing and radiant skin! Really happy to have met this brand and that I don’t need to wait for days-off before I give my skin some TLC. These skin care infused Banila Co. It Radiant CC creams will definitely make you scream! Try them out here, and get ready to radiate, ladies! 

Lashes by KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty, and outfit by HYBRID_PH! Thank you!