Beauty In and Out with the Latest from Myra!

This just in from the makers that brought you the classic and trusty vitamin E beauty pill… It is my great pleasure to present to you the newest Myra E Facial Wash line! Being an established oral beauty and wellness brand, it just makes perfect sense that Myra E transitions into our new go-to facial wash, so I was extra excited to try it out for myself.

Meet the stars of this post: 

Myra VitaSmooth and Myra VitaWhite “For fresher, whiter skin that glows!”

I’ve been using the two variants alternately for the past week and it left me with a good and lasting impression. I’m pretty pleased by how thorough it cleanses my face while at the same time contributing to key beauty benefits! Win-win! It’s no surprise after finding out that it’s the only facial wash line enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E beads.
More specifically, the VitaSmooth variant is induced with what they call the Moisture Plus formula, retaining and sealing in the skin’s natural moisture. Other key ingredients include French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Extract that help improve our skin’s elasticity, keeping it young-looking and fresh! How fancy is that French Spring Sea Water, right? All these keep the skin more supple, moisturized and hydrated like how it should be, especially under our tropical weather!

Meanwhile, the VitaWhite variant contains a special Biowhite Complex, an effective whitening active derived from plant extracts that whitens and reduces dark spots in as fast as 7 days, with constant and daily use of course! The solution is also induced with Niacinamide – a skin vitamin that helps reduce blemishes, in turn leaving you looking more radiant with an even skin tone.
Also since these are produced by Myra, you can be assured that they’re hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, perfect and safe for everyday use. So whether your priority is achieving a more even and fair skin tone, or a smoother more hydrated glow, the Myra VitaWhite and VitaSmooth formulas can help you achieve it without harassing the skin.

You can definitely expect nourishment and protection in getting that clear, smooth, healthy skin that glows from within, straight from these bright blue and pink bottles! Go ahead, set that date with your face and these new babies from Myra!

Happy cleansing and stay beautiful inside and out!