Bed, Back, and Beyond!


We spend a huge chunk of our lives working, and slaying the day away if you may! And at night it’s great to come home to both your pets, a great home-cooked meal, your loved ones, and most especially, your bed! Haha Kidding aside, you know what I mean right? We immediately plop to our mattresses, whether to chill while on our phones, to work on some “home work” and even watch our favorite series… Then comes our much needed shut-eye and beauty sleep to recharge us for another full day when we wake!

If you think about it, our bodies spend a huge amount of time on the bed, assuming that we all get enough sleep! So our sleeping habits can really take a toll on us. Our backs can’t ignore this fact too! I’m sure we’ve woken up on the “wrong side of the bed” a couple of times, but maybe one of the reasons why is that we don’t have the right kind of mattress!

I for one am a fan of sleeping! Haha So when I heard that Uratex wanted for me to try out their new Orthocare Mattress, I was all in! It really made me re-evaluate the quality of my bed and sleep too. I mean, I never get to think about the condition of my bed anymore since it has always just been there and has been a staple in the bedroom—no questions asked. But then I realized, it’s high time we tried the new tech that the Uratex Orthocare Balance is so proud of.


The Uratex Orthocare Balance has just the right amount of firmness that’s optimal for proper spine alignment. It boasts of providing comfort, helping prevent pressure sores, and minimizing pain in sensitive areas of the body—excluding the heart. Hahaha! That’s a whole ‘nother story!

Upon the mattress arrived on our door, I couldn’t wait to try it out and experience for myself the difference. I mean how firm can a bed get right? I was just overall curious with how my back would feel after sleeping on it for a few nights compared to my old mattress. I live with both my mom and sister, and they also got to sleep on the Orthocare Balance. My sister has a minor case of scoliosis, while my mom suffers from back pain due to office work. 

So after a few nights trying out the difference… What’s the verdict?

Coming from my own “regular” back, my sister’s scolio back, and my momma’s painful back aches… we give it an A+! No wonder scoliosis doctors also highly recommend this to their patients! We have really been sleeping better, and I just love how it’s not too soft, not to hard, but really just the perfect kind of firmness. Wow, Goldilocks and the Three Bears vibes much? Haha I’m Goldilocks, because I’m the most extra in the fam, my momma’s Daddy Bear, My Sister’s Mama Bear, and Baby Bear is Ribbon Darling. Toby, my sister’s cat, can be our house cat. Hahahaha

Sorry got carried away there! But really, it’s such a delightful treat from top to toe. I wouldn’t have known that my back was missing out on extra comfort and ease if, it wasn’t for this.

Dress by Plains and Prints | Sunglasses by Forever 21 | Sneakers by Keds | Bag by Legato Largo | Photos by Momma Sally who was also my date! Haha | All taken with my Fujifilm XA2 + 35mm Kit Lens

Concept photos shot at All Home in Libis! We’re currently renovating our room, so just decided to shoot the mattress while shopping for the house! Haha

I’m no home expert, but it’s pretty easy to feel the difference when it comes to quality and just a having a great bed overall! Have you been sleeping well enough? When was the last time you re-evaluated the quality of your furniture?

If you’re currently in the middle of re-arranging your home, or even in the process of moving into a new one, well you know what to get for the bedroom! For more ideas and inspo, you can also watch one of my latest vlogs when I went shopping with Mom for the house! Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment or two on Janeena Channel!

Sweet dreams and wake to slay,