Blending In The Good Stuff: Yellow Cab x Jamba Juice!


 Yes, you read that right! I had to experience it myself because I’ve been a fan of both brands eversince. Now Jamba Juice and Yellow Cab is conveniently nestled in a one-stop dining venue at the ground floor of Shangrila Plaza’s Main Wing! It’s their first ever collaboration store where local customers get to experience the full menu lineup from both brands. 

Loved the East Coast meets West Coast concept because Yellow Cab Pizza is inspired from the bustling NYC pizza + pasta + wings cuisine, and Jamba Juice is from the laidback and fun Cali! The best of both worlds if I may say! Can’t wait to see this concept grow and expand both locally and globally too!

Couldn’t have asked for better timing dining in here as well, just right after accomplishing some last minute shopping with my family! We were in dire need of a fuel refill and its location was just perfect… right in the middle of the prime stores in the Mall like Zara, Lush, Joe Fresh, and Rustan’s of course!

My sister had the bright idea of ordering a secret Jamba drink called Hello Jesus. It tasted like juice made out of Skittles. Haha

​And here are some of the dishes we ordered at Yellow Cab!
Half Roasted Garlic and Shrimp and Half New York’s finest!! Fine indeed!
Garlic Parmesian and Hot Wings! – YESSS!
Salmon and Dill with Cream Cheese thin crust craft pizza – FAVE!
Tomato Soup – It was so hearty!
Artichoke and Spinach Craft Pizza

​Yum!! Of course I shared all these with my Momma and Sister!

P.S. Food blog posts are the hardest because they always get you craving again. Hahaha

I guess I’ll be back soon to get my dose of fresh Jamba, hot wings, and pizza!

Until the next,