BMS Roux 28: Check Some Items off of that Bucketlist!

I’ve always been a big movie buff. From TV screens, laptop screens, silver screens, the IMAX, ultra cinema screens… the list goes on. For as long as I get to live a new adventure and get my refreshing doze of that 2-hour escape from the wilderness of the real world, it’s all good. I’m all for film and its artistry, glitz, glamour, cinematography, and that force that visually, emotionally, and in some cases even spiritually compels you and just draws you in. 

There really is something about the movies, but I’ve gotta say–the novelty of experiencing a Drive-in Movie has got to be a whole new different story. So here I am, sharing the lovely news that the wonderful organizers of De La Salle University’s Business Management Society brings you Roux 28! 
Here’s the official poster:

Bring your friends, your cars, your blankets, and of course your excited selves and don’t miss out on this unique movie-viewing experience with a food fest, drinks, and an awesome party to cap off  
“a night you’ll never forget” as #BMSRoux28 forecasts it to go down.
This Ultimate Social Spectrum is also held in light of the 28th year anniversary celebration of DLSU’s Business Management Society, thus the number 28. Congratulations BMS!
Also here are some hipster looking, Pinteresque/Tumblr-esque photos similar to what Roux 28 will be presenting on the 6th just to hype you guys up even more as it did for me…
Put some check marks on those empty boxes!

December 6, 2013, Friday, 4pm onwards, Circuit Makati. 

For more info click here and visit their page!