This was not even part of the plan, but boy, it was one of the best impulse decisions we ever made. First of all, catching a concert abroad has always been on my bucket list, and second, you can never go wrong with the combination of string music and NYC as your backdrop! I personally love classical music so I knew in my heart this concert was a winner. Our thesis back in ADMU was actually about classical music and giving it a contemporary twist to cater to a younger audience, where we tapped Manila String Machine to hold a concert in the campus grounds called CLASSICOOL LIVE! Haha! You get the point! It was so much fun, and I know how Lindsey Stirling is the ultimate epitome of classicool! She’s the first of her kind, YouTuber, violinist, dancer, and all around performer! Yes clearly, I’m rating her concert with an A+. . . Read on to find out more reasons why!

​What I loved about the show was how electric, alive and grateful it made me feel. It was more than just music. It was artsy, techie, cute, quirky (She even fed her dog on stage at one point). The crowd was equally fun and receptive, jumping, applauding, and celebrating life. In other words, it was one solid show.

One part that really touched my heart was how she shared her healing process in dealing with great loss. She recently lost one of her best friends to a grave illness and was feeling empty and in a rut. She would ask God why take away a person so meaningful in her life? From all the hurt and pain she was going through, all she wanted was to feel numb instead. But as she was tasked to create a video compilation of her best friend’s good times alive, instead of feeling contempt, she actually felt rather thankful. She realized how important it is to use gratitude for healing. She found solace in being grateful for his influence on her, and having met him in the first place.

She said, life cannot always be about the happy times. This really hit me because I know I have the tendency to always just want the good times and loathe the ugly. But adversities make you grow. How you deal with drastic situations and difficulties in life will help you build character, making you wiser, and stronger each day. I so wanted to shout out to her from the crowd… “Girl, you hit the spot!”It was like she was preaching with such passion and you could really feel her warmth and desire to connect to every single soul present in the Hammerstein Ballroom. I loved it! She was confident and composed, and sent her message across with grace, eloquence, and charm. I know now why it’s called the #BraveEnoughTour!

Aside from her meaningful messages, quirks, high kicks and mad violin skills… her visual effects were on point too! It was the first time I witnessed holographic technology in full force, serving as the perfect visual counterpart to her powerful and moving music. Enchanting human sized snow globes, fall leaves circling the entire stage, a tropical rainstorm, captivating torches of fire, were just some of the effects showcased. ​The casual tone and humor of Lindsey, her band and even the production staff, in between sets made this seemingly highbrow concert achieve its charm, wit and relatable vibe too!
Now I know what dream concerts are made of!
All these nestled right in the heart of NYC! 
Cheers to the weekend!