Another winning moment in my list was hearing mass at the grand St. Patrick’s Cathedral. To be honest I wasn’t so aware that NYC had such a gem of a cathedral right in its heart! I always pictured New York to be all about the new, the fast, the flashy, and the bustling, more contemporary than classical. So when we heard Sunday Mass at the cathedral, my heart simply melted. It was one of our last few days in the city, and I was so ready to be captivated by old world charm after consecutive days of living in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. Sunday mass is a must wherever we may be, and NYC was no exception! I actually look forward to hearing mass abroad because I get to really immerse myself in the Christian culture of whichever country I’m visiting. It makes the world feel even smaller than it already is.


We also lit candles but didn’t have change at the time so we had to give 20, which allowed us 10 candles since each costs 2 dollars. Haha At first I thought it was way too much, but then I started praying specifically, and I’m really glad I got to offer more prayer intentions.
​Right before leaving the cathedral, I felt like kneeling down again to just thank God for allowing me to be on this trip, safe and more than content… experiencing my first Fall too! New York in AUTUMN is simply amazing.
I couldn’t hold back my tears and started to bawl out of pure bliss and gratitude.
My heart was simply screaming THANK YOU GOD!

Then we caught a broadway show that’s been much raved about! I was extra excited and couldn’t believe we were still able to get great seats! I definitely had a lot to say about it too and decided it was appropriate for a separate Facebook post. Haha If you’d like to check it out, click here!TOP 2 AND 1 MOMENTS COMING TO YOU REAL SOON!