Let the World be Your Playground!

And it’s out! Presenting to you Ready for Rain’s lookbook as they take you back to your most fond childhood memories with these playful new prints and styles from Plueys! I’ve been a fan of this brand of rainboots ever since, and modeling their latest collection with such a talented team couldn’t be any more fun. Thanks for having me again, Ready for Rain!

“Once more, Plueys takes you to a brand new adventure! Paris? New York? Tokyo?….No need to pack your bags or to look further than your childhood scrapbook. This time around, it’s about that nursery rhyme every kid remembers – yes,sir! yes, sir! and the colorful toy you could never really figure out but can’t quit trying (I’ve got my eye on you, kaleidoscope!) Enjoy our lookbook as we take you through Playtime with our new faves, Baa Baa Blues & Kaleidoscool!
And as always, Celebrate the Rain!”
 – www.readyforrain.com

“Baa Baa Blues”

Leanne Hatch, thank you for your adorable designs! Rainboots have never looked cuter!
Prints, pastels and a herd of sheep will definitely spin your rainy day around!


What a refreshing print! Plum is also one of this season’s hottest colors, so this kaleidoscopic combo surely doesn’t disappoint!

“Sew Cute”

This button and floral pattern is indeed so cute! Its earthy, neutral tone will make it a breeze to create many ensembles. Versatility is the key quality of this design!

“Ooh La Lace”

You can never go wrong with the combination of black, white, and lace! This has got to be my fave pair since it instantly gives you an elegant and polished look. 
Rain or shine, let the world be your playground!
Photographer: Patty Mendoza
Model: Janeena Chan
Hair & Make-up: Kris Bacani
Stylist: Erin Torrejon
Product Photos by Victoria Velasco

Visit www.readyforrain.com for more fun rainy-day gear, and details on how to order items!