​CHANCATIONS IN ITALY: A Travel + Style Post | Part I

I T A L Y,

you were once but a dream… A figment of my imagination whenever I’d prepare for oral exams for my foreign language class in Ateneo. My professor for that course, Ms. Ria Bautista, is not only fluent with the language, but is also very much acquainted with the culture. So whenever she’d introduce a new topic or lesson in class, she’d share some side stories from her travels in Italy. My favorite would be the ones when food was involved. These Italian words and phrases backed up with good ‘ol storytelling can definitely fuel the imagination and lead the spirit to wander, especially for a girl like me who loves every bit of adventure! I was a sophomore college student when I took that class, and since then I’ve been convinced that I must immediately see, hear, feel, and live Italy! Even just for a few short days. 

It didn’t quite take “immediately” for it to happen though… The foreign languages study tours in Ateneo offered other locations at that time such as Germany, Korea and France– where I eventually ended up going to with some of my good friends. It was one of the best trips yet that lasted for almost a month. We got to go to nearby countries in the weekends like Kehl and Heidelberg in Germany, as well as the Swiss Alps. The most part of our study tour was held in one of the most charming towns in France, Strasbourg… But we also got to stay in Paris for a couple of days. Got to celebrate my 20th birthday in France too! What a magical experience that was. Clearly… This is a different story to tell! Haha But even after that, Italy was still very much imbedded in my heart. So as my graduation present, my family and I booked our flight to spend the Christmas season last year in Italy! You can imagine how excited we all were! I mean who wouldn’t be right?

Our first stop was the Eternal City, Roma! And these were some of the main stops and sites we got to see…

This trip was one of those where you’d get to tick items off from your bucket list, one day after another! 

Stay tuned for part 2 and the rest covering Florence, San Giminiano in Tuscany, Venice, and more of Rome. 

Have a lovely week ahead everyone!

#JCootds: ft. Jeans from Wrangler Jeans, leather jacket and bag from Debenhams, inner thermal from Uniqlo, boots from Payless. Photos taken with my Fujifilm X A-2!