Clean it Zero, Your New Hero!


 Korea’s Banila Co., has really been making waves all over the beauty world… and I can see why. Ever since I got my hands on their signature It Radiant CC Cream, I’ve been loyal to it every day. Love how it’s a skin care product, primer, and SPF, all in one convenient tube! See more of my review about it via this link.

​This time around, I wanted to try another one of their signature products and see its magic work before my eyes… So CLEAN IT ZERO was recommended for me by Banila Co. Philippines.

Before getting to try the product, I heard that it’s an award-winning cleanser that sells like hotcakes in Korea! This best-selling cleanser has a sorbet-like texture in the form of a solid balm. Once lathered onto the skin, it transforms into smooth silky oil that dissolves make-up yet leaves the skin supple and nourished with its emollient skin care benefits. One thing for sure we can all be excited about is that it’s suitable for all skin types!The key beneficial ingredients infused in the product are Papaya Extract and Acerola extract, A.K.A. Cherry extract! Sound delicious!

The papaya extract’s enzymes have exfoliating properties that aid in removing dead skin cells, in turn causing a brightening effect to the complexion. While the acerola extract contains antioxidants such as vitamins A and C, as well as mineral salts that leave the skin hydrated and supple.

I was more than excited to try this product out, but I was more curious about its solution and formulation since this is the first time I’ll be using a balm-to-oil type of cleanser. The beauty of variety is what made me fall in love with beauty and skin care altogether!

Upon opening the tub, my first impressions were that it did quite look like a strawberry sorbet… and it even came with its own mini spatula! Am I about to eat dessert or what? Well, metaphorically, it’s kind of like dessert for your face after a long tiring day.

For first time users like me, don’t fret! There’s an instructional guide included in the box to make sure you apply the product the right way. Directions are pretty simple actually, just scoop a pea or almond sized amount of the balm with the spatula, then massage it onto your dry face.

​This was exactly what I did and I was extra careful because I wanted to see it work the way it should. A few massages onto my face, and the solution immediately transformed into oil, easily wiping away make-up residue! I was impressed, but I didn’t expect it to be that oily because the balm form looked really well, balmy! I panicked a little bit since I remembered that I have to avoid direct contact with oil to my Japanese eyelash extensions by Kiyosa, or else I might end up being lashless… Uh-oh!
I focused on applying more onto my cheeks, forehead, chin, and T-zone, and I forgot for a moment that I was simply removing make-up because it felt more like having a luxurious moisturizing facial with its silky smooth texture, and pleasant smell.The fragrance of Clean it Zero was just a hint of the Papaya and Cherry extracts, so it had a fruity-floral cherry blossom-ish kind of scent that I wouldn’t mind smelling everyday, since it’s sweet and not at all overpowering.

​After the application, the next step is to either wipe the oil away with a tissue or towel, or rinse the solution off with water. I did the latter, and saw that the water caused the balm to emulsify into a milky lather. After washing my face completely with water, and drying it with a towel, I saw how powerful Clean It Zero is because it lived up to its name! Zero make-up, and extra clean, without any greasy residue too!

Clean it Zero VS. X Brands

It was an instant refresher. Compared to the other cleaners I’ve used before which are mostly cold creams and water-based solutions (primarily because of my lash extensions, and the notion that my skin type is normal to oily), I would have to say that this is one of the most interesting products to cleanse your face with. And I love the fact that you can really feel like you’re treating your skin well with the extra TLC it has to offer, being infused with skin care benefits!Since the tub also has a wide opening, it’s easy to get a hold of the right amount of balm when cleansing. I also found it more sanitary that it comes with a spatula you can apply the solution with, onto the skin… and instead of having some solution go to waste because they can get stuck under your fingernails, the spatula is here to save the day!

For some cold creams that I’ve tried, the tub would have quite a small opening so getting the cotton ball into it is quite a struggle, especially when it’s half empty already. For other water-based cleansers, although it’s safer for me personally to use around my eyes because of my lash extensions, I think I would stick with Clean It Zero for the rest of my face simply because it feels great on the skin, and of course because it’s efficient in stripping off stubborn make-up, even waterproof ones that I would put on my brows! It’s also perfect for traveling since it’s in balm form, and you can stop worrying about any horrific “oil spills” in your luggage.

Since it is also a skin care product, it’s said that the condition of your skin will also improve the more that you use it. So I can’t wait to include it in my daily cleansing regimen to see the difference.

#LitFromWithin with Banila Co.’s Promos!

It makes great sense that this is considered as Korea’s number 1 make-up remover! So happy more Filipinas can experience these K-faves too with all of Banila Co.’s physical stores locally. Here’s a link to all their shops, both online and off!You can also avail of their ongoing Swap to Save promo by bringing bottles of your current make-up remover (empty or not) and switch it with Clean It Zero at a discount! They also have the One Day One Mask Challenge wherein if you buy 3 sheet masks, you get 1 for free. Sounds like the recipe for a totally relaxing and fun slumber party to me! Send me an invite if you do plan one?

The best part about these Banila Co. products is that they specialize in helping everyone achieve that “Lit from Within” look, much like the glowing skins of Korean stars… fresh, dewy, pristine! 

Kamsahamnida for creating all these beauty goodies for everyone, Banila Co.! Here’s to feeling and looking lit from within! For more info on Banila Co., visit their official site here.

Keep that beauty glowing inside and out!