Words cannot express how humbled I am to be a part of this beautiful movement. Being a Fujifilm Philippines X-A2 ambassador has been a living dream, not only for my Instagram feed and blog, but also for my heart and soul. Although I’ve gone used to being in front of the lens most of the time growing up as a kiddie model and host, it’s so refreshing and equally empowering to be behind the camera, capturing beautiful moments in stills.

I never pictured myself as a photographer or “femmetographer,” and I guess that’s why they say “never say never.”

I actually attended the first ever launch of the Fujifilm X-A2 here in Manila about a little over year ago… and I knew I had to get my hands on one. Not only is it adorable with all the fun colors the series has, but its functionality is just perfect for my lifestyle… handy, user-friendly, has a selfie mode, weather-proof lens and is mirrorless! It’s just right!

As months flew by, I’d notice how photos of some of my good friends would look so picture perfect, only to find out that they’ve been using my dream unit. This was enough affirmation that I needed. Fast forward to early last year, and I finally got my hands on my very own X-A2 thanks to team FujifilmPH!
I admit, I was really overwhelmed when I first received the camera. First of all… the “iPhone blogger/Instagrammer” in me is finally graduating!
​I mean I’m all for phone photography done well, but with this new camera, I know I can do and achieve so much more. Second… I thought to myself that I’m going to have to figure out all the settings of this camera and use it to its maximum potential. Am I worthy of using such awesomeness? 

That’s what I was about to find out then.

Now, fast forward to early this year I guess I did deem worthy. *Insert happy tears!*Not only have I grown to love using my camera, but I’ve also grown more and more familiar with using it to its best potential, all with the help of my fellow X-A2 user friends, photography enthusiasts I’d meet along the way, and my sister who is the only person in our family interested in reading manuals from gadget packages.

Because of this, aside from my usual hosting duties with events FujifilmPH would put together… I was also invited to present a talk in their first ever Female Photography Workshop entitled CLICK TO CHIC!

Together with my friend, travel and lifestyle blogger Camie Juan, and young actress Miles Ocampo, the three of us would be the first femmetographers spearheading this campaign to enlighten and empower more women photographers in the industry.

We also had a pop-up photo exhibit where some of our photos were presented to attendees of the talk! This really hit a spot in my heart! What a privilege… thank you for the trust Fujifilm.

This was taken at the Click to Chic media launch that I hosted as well, together with fellow speakers and X-A2 ambassadors, Camie Juan and Miles Ocampo
I believe that the best way to learn is through experience and by hearing it from a friend in a casual setting… That was how I learned how to maximize using my X-A2. So now it’s time to pay it forward and share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned.

My talk focused more on the technical side of using the settings but in layman’s terms… or rather, in femmetography terms. Life is already complicated the way it is right? So with the help of our Fuji pro photographers who were present that day such as Sir Lito Sy, we kept things simple and explained simply… as if having a conversation with a fellow photography-loving friend.Shared about my personal favorite combo of settings to use as well, and how I evolved from using the automatic SR+ setting, to the more “advanced” Manual setting with my favorite built in Chromatic filter and 35mm prime lens.

Here are more photos from the day:

There was a lot to take in that day, as a host, exhibit presenter, femmetographer, and speaker, but at the end of it all I’m just a simple girl who finds delight in capturing beautiful photos.

If I can do it, so can you… and I’m not just talking about photography, but with whatever your passions may be. Sometimes it goes unplanned much like this one, but as long as you do good work, keep a good attitude, an admirable character, and a can-do spirit, the heavens will guide you and give you one heck of a fun ride.
As The Biebs would sing… “Never say never!” Haha Apologies for the old reference! But, my point is, just keep moving forward, and keep living life doing what you love to do.

Thank you Forever 21 Philippines for my outfit that day styled it with my Click to Chic shirt!

Another project I’m proud of together with Fujifilm, earlier this year were these posters… all taken from my camera! Aaah… Spell KILIG!

This photo was taken by my sister, Jessika, during our #Chancations trip i n Florence, Italy! You can follow her artsy IG page at! Little did I know that it would end up being used  for this campaign as a promotional collateral! Again, thanks for the trust Fuji! 

Poster spotted at Camera House! This was just taken one random day strolling along BGC, again by my sister, who is also a proud owner of an X-A2!

How awesome is it that a few weeks after, it would be used for a poster? Good thing I always set the format of my photos to “L” or large! You never know when you’re gonna need it for a tarp, poster, or any large scale material!


Photo with my personal white X-A2, taken by my friend and make-up artist that day, Muriel Vega Perez with his own X-A2! X-A2 inception!!
Now, I know the title of this post specified a chance to win a Fujifilm X-A2… so how exactly?MECHANICS:

1. Visit and follow my IG page:,

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3. Repost this photo on your own Instagram and tag @fujifilmphlifestyle and hashtag #FUJIFILMPHxMEGA 

4. Screencap your reposted photo and send to :

Here are some reminders to consider:

  • Participants’ Instagram accounts must be public.
  • Only those who completed the mechanics will be eligible to join,
  • Deadline for submission of entries is on June 30, 2016.

Good luck and here’s to sharing our talents for HIS glory!

Keep clicking and stay chic,