Color Your Mood with Air Optix Colors + FreshLook Contact Lenses


 Whenever people ask me how I would describe my style, I would always say it depends on my mood. What we wear both on our bodies and faces is a direct reflection of how we project ourselves and is also a really fun way of self-expression! No wonder the fashion and beauty industry is such a big hit. But what more if we can extend how we express our styles and moods with our eyes? Being the windows to our souls, so many have fallen in love with enhancing them even more… Be it from achieving that barely there or smokey eye make-up, those classic winged liners, and full lashes! Yes, even extensions like mine! 

All of these are exterior enhancements, but a look can be made so much more fun and complete by using colored contact lenses! 
I’ve been modeling and hosting in the industry for a while now and every time I have a big campaign or project I’m working on, I would always wear colored contact lenses. I’ve been using FreshLook since years ago, and Alcon Air Optix Colors since they launched here in Manila about a year ago. Now they’ve joined forces to inspire and encourage more Filipinas to color their moods with these colored contact lenses with the help of their brand ambassadors.

Julia Montes remains to represent FreshLook, and joining her is Kathryn Bernardo for Air Optix Colors! Although I couldn’t be there myself to witness the grand launch, I’m sure the fans went wild over these 2 young stars reuniting after years since their on screen tandem took place.As ambassadors, they also aim to educate new and existing wearers the importance of  caring for your contact lenses properly. This includes, knowing your right grade, replacing your contact lenses regularly, using the right lens care solutions, and visiting eye care professionals for regular check-ups.

Aside from the hype courtesy of their lovely ambassadors, these lenses offer more than what meets the eye. Pun intended, sorry just had to. Haha! These lenses can be prescribed with or without vision correction. Made with a unique, smooth surface, they also feature an impressive technology that combines 3 colors in 1 allowing them to naturally blend with your eye color. I particularly love this feature because it makes sure your eyes get the color and still look like human eyes! Fresh, natural, really looking like how the windows to your soul should look… not laughable with too much color.
I’m sure you get what I mean!

AIR OPTIX colored lenses are made up of proprietary silicone hydrogel material that allows plenty of oxygen to pass through the lenses,  they are perfect for LONG-HOUR WEAR
FreshLook on the other hand uses the classic hydrogel material and is best for EVERYDAY WEAR.

I personally am a fan of the Green colored lenses from Air Optix, and the Sterling Grey color from FreshLook. What I love about the green lenses is that it’s not an overpowering color, but it’s still different from the usual hazel neutral tone. It also gives off a three-tone effect once worn. The sterling grey lenses are perfect especially with smokey eye make-up for a formal evening occasion! So far I’ve been loyal to these two colors, but I might just try new ones just for fun!

So, now you know what to do! Keep those brows on fleek, cheeks peachy, and color your mood with those colored lenses!

Colorfully yours,