Denim Appreciation Nation – A Wrangler Thanksgiving Special!

I’m all for the holidays, and now that Halloween is over, our surroundings automatically switch to a Holly-Jolly-Christmas state of mind! Especially since we’re in the Philippines, where Christmas cheer just cannot be contained as early as September.
Now since it’s still November, aside from the no-shave prostate cancer awareness campaign “Movember” that I’m all for, as long as proper hygiene is observed… Another significant holiday is definitely worth celebrating – Thanksgiving!
Although it’s uncommonly celebrated in our country, I’m happy I somehow got into the gratefulness groove and enjoyed a special Thanksgiving Shopping Party hosted by Wrangler Philippines. It makes sense coming from a denim heritage brand that started in the U.S.A. way back in 1904.
I got to visit the store in Glorietta 2, and had such a fun time surrounded by gorgeous denim and amazing company, while the big news was revealed to all the guests!
Wrangler has been specializing in functional, expertly crafted denim that are made for adventure-seekers here in the Philippines for 40 strong years now, and in line with the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities and their 40th anniversary all regular priced bottoms are marked at a handsome price of only Php 995! Yup! No minimum purchase hooks or gimmicks, but just a good flat rate of Nine Hundred and Ninety-Five Pesos, for that coveted pair of Wrangler jeans! ​Denim, or non-denim, or be it regularly priced at 1,999, or 3,999!

The only catch is that this awesome thank you treat by Wrangler will only last for 1 day = NOVEMBER 21 / A.K.A. THIS SATURDAY ALREADY during mall hours in all their stores nationwide.

I had such a ball discovering more and more about Wrangler’s signature designs, and customer favorites thanks to their highly informed and accommodating staff. They recommended the Denim Spa jeans for me, and since we’re living in an age where almost anything seems possible, I got a pair that not only flatters my figure, but is also very comfy and is infused with Fruit Oils! Thus = Denim Spa! What?! Where else can you get jeans infused with essential oils right? That has got to be good for you in more levels than one. 

I first heard that such a breed of denim existed from my friends, so I was definitely eager to finally have my own pair. Originally priced at Php 3,999, I got mine for only Php 995!

The Denim Spa Collection comes in different colors and cuts!
With dear friends who ran the event, Mich Del Rosario of Buensalido PR, and Ms. Daisy Go of Wrangler PH!
REPAIRS ARE ON THE HOUSE! Just head on over to a Wrangler store near you!
Excited to feature my chosen pair as part of my #JCootds,
and wear it in my #janeenadventures!

​I’m sure travelling will be such a breeze with these new babies! Spread the news and keep sharing the love whatever the season may be!