DESIGNER THERAPY: The Royal Restore Way

Investing in designer items like purses and shoes may be a familiar idea to some people, but it’s the after care and maintenance that is actually no joke. Some may have gone through constant use and “abuse”, while others may have had a more pleasant path of being fairly well taken cared of. However, despite our care and meticulous handling… it’s evident when your favorite leather bags, shoes, wallets, or belts, are just in need of some TLC. It’s a great thing you can leave your premium babies in the trustworthy hands of designer goods restoration specialist, Royal Restore, for guaranteed premium restoration that works like magic. Let me share with you what I’ve discovered with their services and my experience.
From minor repairs to a major face-lifts, such as leather cleaning and conditioning color restoration, removal and proofing of scratches, marks, and stains, disinfecting, strap replacements, heel and sole restoration, to even color changing… they’ve got you covered.

Yup! A total color change may be arranged if you’re up for a fresh new color transformation. But if you want to stick to the original color that your bags or leather goods came with, they can do so too by using their color matching technology that accurately scans the color of your leather goods.

I had a chance to leave some of my Mom’s vintage bags for a much needed restoration therapy session! One is from Philippe Charriol, and another from Dior. I was so excited with the idea that these
 classic pieces will finally be revamped since I’ve been wanting to incorporate them in my outfits and give them a modern spin. I didn’t even think twice to leave them at Royal Restore, especially knowing that it’s a subsidiary of Mr. Quickie. Without a doubt, leather + repair is their thing!
They were very meticulous with the details and type of service that I’d choose for each bag. Sanitary gloves were worn the entire time to make sure the bags are handled well, and kept in good condition. Photos where also immediately taken for reference before the repair. For all customers, they offer free consultation on how to restore your bags, and the price point will depend on how much work needs to be done. When you’re certain with the particular restoration service you’re going with, all you have to do is wait for 2-3 weeks, et voila! Bask in the amazement of how it feels for your favorite designer items and leather goods to be revived and fully restored in all its glory! Between the restoration period, you can expect some calls since they’re really keen in making sure they notify you with any updates or adjustments on the repair if there are any. 

When I first got my babies back, they both looked so clean, shiny, and new! First thing I said to myself was, “What sorcery is this?” They also gave complimentary dust bags and natural fibre soft pillowslips to make sure you’ve got the essentials in maintaining and storing your newly restored bags.

Stands out at the Magnum White Party!
Skirt by @DetailsPH, Shoes by @HeatwaveShoesPH
Even got to wear my vintage Charriol bag at the Charriol Forever Colors bangle launch that I hosted! How perfect! 
Skirt by @DetailsPH (Rockwell), Shoes by Suite Blanco
Perfect for a black and white ensemble when I hosted for Lenovo’s relaunch!
Outfit by Forever21
Perfect to complete my Parisienne Chic #ootd! 
Outfit by @DetailsPH (Rockwell)
So go ahead and scavenge for some of your Mom’s or Grandmother’s vintage pieces and give them the royal make-over they deserve! It’ll surely be a pleasant surprise for them, and a brand new bag for you! Win-win!

Visit their newest branch at the 3rd floor of SM North Edsa! For more info, visit their official page here.