Double the Fun with #SmartBigBytes50 Double Data!

Who isn’t always on the go, and always connected these days? Nobody right? Well if you’re reading this post, you’re probably just like me… constantly surfing the web or consuming online data while juggling work and play! That’s just how we roll right?

Last week was particularly full for me, with a barrage of events, hosting engagements, and duties as an online content creator, days went by real quick… and these are the days when I need my gadgets and data to keep up with my must-do and want-to-dos!
You’ve probably seen some of my posts online announcing Smart’s awesome data deal! It’s #SmartBigBytes 50 Double Data 700MB that allows for Smart prepaid subscribers open access and 600MB YouTube, iFlix, and other video sites! Yay for the major iFlix binge-watcher in me!
For a period of 3 days I can surf the net, play more games, access more sites, and enjoy going on social media sited all day without feeling “bitin” with my data. This has got to be one of the best data offers out there catered to our generation’s needs and wants, giving us way more for way less! 

For past #SmartBigBytes 50 subscribers, the package is inclusive of: 350MB open access, + FREE 600 MB for iflix, FOX, and Spinnr + 3 days subscription to FOX (via Viewstream).
But now, instead of just having 350MB open access, Smart Prepaid subscribers can enjoy 700MB open access + 600 MB YouTube, iflix, and other video sites. Smart Prepaid DOUBLED the data allocation of the existing offer!
So again just to break down the vital info for you, here it is…

Data allowance: 700 MB open access, 600MB for video sites
Validity: 3 days
Price: 50 Pesos
Limited offer duration: March 10 – June 10, 2016
Convinced? Well all I’m saying is it definitely helped me get more out of the data I need to consume for work and to unwind, wherever I may be. It really is double the fun with Big Bytes 50! So to subscribe to #SmartBigBytes 50’s Double Data offer, just simply text BIG50 to 9999 now! Enjoy, and keep living Smart!
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