Sun’s up, summer’s here and while we’re in the city, it seems that it’s either we stay indoors to avoid the heat or getting our skin dark, or always have a ice popsicle in hand to keep cool and feel light! I for one have been wanting to go on a beach trip for the longest time to just unwind and cool off, but for now I gotta deal with the Manila heat in whatever way I can.
Taking ice cold showers can definitely do the trick, but I’m sure we don’t all have the luxury to keep taking showers mid-day. I recently discovered one remedy in the form of SkinWhite Classic Lotion’s new and improved variant, the SkinWhite Classic with Light-Feel Technology! I have been using lotions or cooling gels whenever my skin feels irritated and needs a refresher, but most of them leave a sticky after-feel, making my skin even more irritated. 
SkinWhite Classic Light is quite the opposite, which is what I particularly love about it. With its LFT or “Light Feel Technology,” it helps my skin whiter and feel lighter WITHOUT the sticky feeling. The light feel technology in SkinWhite Classic helps the lotion get easily absorbed by the skin, leaving a cooling sensation upon application. The lotion glides smoothly without the greasy feel, ideal to use any time of the year.
Did I also mention that it also protects the skin from the intense rays of the sun with an SPF level of 10 and 20? It is even packed with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C & E that keeps your skin nourished and moisturized. Yay! Another reason for loving it! It has a light powdery scent too which I like, that keeps my mood in light spirits! I wonder if this has something to do with the Light Feel Technology? 

SkinWhite Classic comes in big and small sizes— 100-200ml bottle is ideal for family who love sharing toiletries and super cute 50ml travel size you can easily bring anywhere!

Honestly before, I would be so lazy putting lotion daily but now with more products like this? It will not be surprised if I’d use SkinWhite Classic everyday, it just feels so good on the skin! 

By the way, for best results apply SkinWhite Classic, twice daily! 

Have a lovely and light-as-a-feather week ahead!