Four Seasons of Love by The Bay for the Best Mom

Last week I got a proposal… no not to get wed, but to do something extra special for my life’s leading lady, my dearest Momma Bear! “Count us in!” was my immediate answer soon as I got everyone on board! The idea was that we were going to be treated to a sumptuous lunch courtesy of Four Seasons Hotpot City at SM by The Bay, and then surprise my mom with some flowers and a cake as an early Mother’s day treat! I thought to myself, Mom deserves to be treated like it’s mother’s day the whole year round, so celebrating the occasion in advance is the least she deserves!
Although it was pretty far from home, it’s been a while since we last got to spend time by the bay just to hang out and have a good time. Located at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, SM By the Bay is dubbed as a premier lifestyle and leisure hub that offers a wide range of family dining and buffet options by the beautiful Manila Bay, such as Vikings, Vikings Venue, Banzai, Buffet 101, La Fiesta, Charaptor, and Four Seasons Hotpot. There’s also an amusement park and an area perfect for walks with a view, runs and of course for sunset watching! It has also been a while since we last had a hotpot meal, and we haven’t got to try what the buzz was all about when Four Seasons Hotpot City opened. I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that this hotpot buffet concept is from the group that brought Vikings and Niu by Vikings, so we all came to the restaurant with an open mind, and an empty stomach!

The place was packed, and smelled of meat, vegetables, and hot broth… we were definitely at the right place. Having gone to other hotpot restaurants before, this one was clearly different. It had a refreshing, modern ambiance, and had more to offer. Aside from the hotpot shabu-shabu style dining that they specialize in, they also serve ready to eat dishes, buffet style. Most of them are a mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisines. There was also a carving station where juicy slabs of meat pleased meat-loving diners. The time we were there, they had roast beef, Lechon Macau, turkey, and lamb!

So back to the hotpot lunch… there were also different stations to make sure you get to curate, and stir up that perfect pot of shabu-shabu for your table! Assortments of fresh vegetables were neatly stored, fresh shellfish, seafood, meat, like chicken, pork, and even lamb as well were all available. Fishballs, squidballs, fishcakes filled with cheese, a variety of dimsum, as well as different types of noodles were yours for the taking too!
So we tried as much as we could, and just hoped that our soup would taste well! Their pots had two divisions so you can try different soup bases. We had both chicken and pork broths, and just filled in the pot with all the elements of the shabu-shabu from the buffet stations. Totally forgot what should go first, but we asked the assistance of their accommodating staff to refresh our memories. I forgot how much fun “cooking your own food” was too! 

There was also a sauce station especially for the soup! We heard that they have their specialty house mix, so we requested for that instead of having to experiment with different tastes. It was a combination of their spicy sauce, soy sauce, and peanut sauce so it tasted very interesting and added just the right amount of kick to our shabu-shabu lunch!
After having settled and had a few servings of shabu-shabu, it was finally time to surprise Mom! She was happy enough to have been a part of the “lunch collab” she thought this was all about originally. She had no clue that the afternoon was really all for her, just so we can give her a little delightful surprise and turn her regular Sunday into a not-so-regular one! She thought I only went up to be interviewed for a second by the camera crew about my thoughts on the restaurant… little did she know that we were carefully preparing to surprise her with a cute cake and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

My sister stayed with her at the table to make sure she won’t leave to get up for more food, which is what someone at a buffet lunch would usually do. Seeing that she already really wanted to get more servings, we just went for it and came from the back with a cake in one hand, and a bunch of flowers on the other… surrounded by a whole camera crew to record her reaction.

Mom has always been dubbed as a stage mom… Ever-ready to support her daughters, but she was also always a bit camera shy, so she had a pretty controlled surprised reaction. Haha Mom!! C’mon, I know you got surprised! Hahaha It was definitely something to have all eyes on her, like a full blown artista filming for her show! Haha But really, I know that Mom genuinely appreciated this thoughtful and creative way of surprising her!

Mission accomplished!
You know what else she appreciated? Continuing our buffet lunch! Haha We all did!
After having our fill of the hot pot, we decided to scavenge for what was left at the ready-to-eat sections and dessert stations since the buffet was about to close. Aaah! Good thing the chefs and attendants were very helpful, and assisted us with our requests. We particularly enjoyed the ice cream flavors they had… coffee marble, and black sesame! Let’s just say we had more than one scoop! Also enjoyed their tempura and fresh sashimi! The ready to eat section has about 7 specialty dishes too aside from the tempura, teppanyaki, and carving stations. 
Best part of the day was that not only were our tummies full, but we went home with hearts and minds full of sweet new memories from this simple family get together and mother’s day surprise! If you wanna surprise your Mom on Mother’s Day too be it a pre, during, or post celebration, perhaps a day like this by the beautiful Manila Bay would be a fun idea! They deserve all the love and surprises you can cook up for them, so get creative!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the beautiful bay area right outside too for those #ootd and family photos! A mother’s love makes the world go ‘round, so from my family to yours, wishing all the Super Moms out there an advanced Happy Mother’s Day!

The SM by the Bay complex operates from 6am-2am and the restaurants are open from 11am-1am. It’s also open every day for 365 (366 if leap) days a year, especially on Christmas and New Year.

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