It’s no secret by now that I am all for dressing to express! But confidence comes from making sure you’re comfy in all ways possible, especially from within!

More than the right elements of an #ootd, wearing a genuine smile, having a good hair day and of course a happy heart, being in the right kind of intimates are also as important!

And I’m excited to share that Avon now has a new line of nude bras that aren’t only comfy, but also suit the different skin tones for every Filipina! Seeing this line executed in such a fun way, showcasing their “fresh new blends” was really an interesting highlight to receive in my mail!

​Now we can go from light to dark with the wide variety of skintone bras Avon Fashions’ Intimate Apparel has for us all! And if you think the shades alone make this line cool, well I was also delightfully pleased to discover that there are also unique innovations to choose from depending on our needs!
Here are some of the different styles and functions:
“FEATHER” Underwire Lightweight Bra:
The T-shirt Bra / Blonde Blend
It’s designed with a smooth and invisible look, that are great under light tops. This particular one is extra special with an easy front clasp, and a fun laced “racer back” detail! The lace part is detachable too, for days when you’d rather keep it simple. Talk about being versatile right? The powder pink and baby blue color combo makes it extra cute, without sacrificing color wearability!
“REGINA” Underwire Bra
The Convertible Bra / Robusta Blend
It has a soft underwire, a simple sweetheart neckline, and a smooth surface altogether that gives it a “seamless feel”. Simply sweet, and very versatile! It’s convertible in the sense that you can use it with straps, or without as a strapless bra. This shade is the closest to my skintone too! Perfect for white or lighter tops!
“MARINELLA” Underwire Bra
The Full Cup Laced Bra / Arabica Blend

For reference, yes there are larger sizes too! Yay for body positivity and diversity! And yay for lace! The rest of the satin like material also glistens when it meets light! It’s perfect for when you want to feel extra romantic, from the “inside out” both literally and figuratively!
“WILLOW” Underwire Bra
The Breathable Bra / Cinnamon Blend
This one’s the lightest of them all! And I’m sure it has something to do with what it was designed for—ultimate breathability! Zooming in, you’ll see tiny holes that make the surface look like it has a net or mesh texture… but it still has a smooth surface!

 “SELENA” Underwire Bra
The Memory Foam Bra / Dark Roast Blend

This one’s gotta be my fave! It has a luxe feel and has laced flower details on the strap too! It’s in a beautiful chocolate “dark roast” color that’s perfect for my darker tops, and yes you read it right… it has memory foam! It isn’t only extra comfy, but also provides amazing support! 

More blends and functions include:– Light Skintone, Pink Champagne, Rose Gold, Dark Skintone, Nude, Mocha, Coffee, Dark Brown

– Demi underwire, non-wire, and Extra support

It’s also important that we know our right bra size! And according to the experts re-measuring your bust size every 3-6 months is ideal to make sure you get the best for your bust! Haha Yup!

Sharing an outfit post wearing one of the Avon Nude bras too in the “REGINA,” Yup! The convertible one. It was super perfect for this white top since it really blends well with my skintone! It really made me extra comfy the whole day… and we all know that with comfort comes confidence!

#JCootds: Nude bra by AVON Fashions Intimate Apparel | top and pants by Plains and Prints | Bag by Aldo Accessories | heels by Matthews | Watch by Valentino Timepieces | Cross bangle by @VanityPlumPH on Instagram

Here’s an outfit you can wear on an easy day but when you still want to look put together and professional! I just wore this out to brunch, as seen in my latest vlog on #JaneenaChannel! haha Watch it by clicking here!

So it’s clearly great to know that whatever the function, shade, style, and size, we now have all these #NudePossibilities to choose from, because one nude bra is never enough! All the ladies in our family are definitely excited to use these!

Check out the line for yourself at or contact your Avon representative. Enjoy ladies!

Until the next!