Golden Goodness: Collagen by Watsons Review

Last weekend, I received a premium-looking package sent by Watsons to try out. I’ve been curious about this new line of beauty and skin care products since I first heard about it from other beauty bloggers. Aside from being coated and wrapped in pretty frosted gold packaging (Great packaging is always a plus!), the name of the line being “Collagen” really made an impact since I’ve known for collagen to be one of THE ultimate beauty and skin care ingredients out in the market. 

I’ve seen, heard, and even tried some beauty supplements with collagen as the main featured ingredient, so this new line from Watsons definitely caught my attention. 

The Intensive Nourishing and Firming Facial Mask
Being a fan of face masks as instant home facials, I was pretty excited to try this one out. I’m really pleased by how much moisture and lotion the pack contains! They weren’t kidding when they labeled it RICH LOTION FORMULA. I’ve tried other masks that dry up easily so the mask doesn’t stick to the face very long, but this one was moist until after it was time to remove it.
The mask contains 30ml of rich collagen essence with hydrating and soothing Allantoin that aids in soothing, nourishing, and tightening the skin. Since it’s made from cotton, the mask sheet fits perfectly to the contours of your face, and maximizes absorption! 
The Brightening Peeling Cleanser

This particular cleanser literally cleans before your eyes since it actually peels off dead skin particles when usedI love using this especially after a long day of shooting, when I just want to feel extra clean, fresh, and totally make-up free!
This cleanser contains Mangosteen Peel Extract and Jojoba beads that gently softens the skin while removing dead skin and impurities. All you have to do is massage an ample amount against your skin in circular motions, and… TADA!

The +Q10 Intensive Moisturizing and Firming Lotion
Intensive is quite the word! This lotion is packed with anti-ageing Q10 and nourishing Soy Bean Oil that moisturizes the skin and aids in soothing discomfort caused by dryness and flaking. I really like that it has a very subtle yet elegant scent that’s isn’t too overpowering. Especially since I usually apply lotion right after taking a bath before going to bed, it’s a scent I won’t mind having to smell every night before hitting the sheets.
And my favorite, the CC Cream! Or the…

Revitalizing 10-in-1 Complexion Corrector Cream 
I was absolutely excited to try out and see how good this so called magical CC cream is! I read the label at the back and it says that it’s   I need more of these kinds of products in my life since my work requires make-up application almost always. This is one sure shot of giving my face the TLC it needs while I get to look polished and neat on or off the camera. 
To be more specific the CC Cream is infused with a mineral-rich Caviar Extract that reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves skin elasticity. It leaves you with a light and dewy finish too, perfect for that fresh, everyday-wear coverage!

You might be wondering… “Woah! 10-in-1? Is that even possible?!”

​Well here’s the countdown of its 10 functions:
Conceals imperfections
Perfects skin tone
Protects skin from premature aging caused by the harmful environment
Moisturizes and nourishes skin
Minimizes and refines pores
Reduces fine lines
Brightens skin
Repairs skin
Provides long lasting freshness


The entire Collagen line exclusively distributed by Watsons contains a special TRI-COLLAGEN COMPLEX, which improves skin elasticity, firmness, and moisture.

Collagen Peptide increases the suppleness of the skin
Hydrolised Collagen regenerates the skin, while
Atelocollagen minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.

All these sound pretty good to me!
You can never have enough of skin care especially under our erratic weather, and these products would definitely be a great addition to your daily skin care routine! Enjoy!
The Collagen by Watsons line is available exclusively at Watsons and at The SM Store’s beauty section.