HAIR COLOR PARTY by L’Oréal x Watsons!


 It’s no secret that changing up your hair color can create a huge change for both your total look and outlook in life! Our hair is such a huge part of of our self-image and it can be both a powerful accessory and security blanket. So deciding to make that change, whether it’s going shades lighter or darker, or going for an edgier cut and style, can take us out of our comfort zones.

Sadly, we’ve heard, seen or even experienced our fair share of hair horror stories… and these don’t at all help in trying to revamp our looks. 

So when you get an opportunity to be under the care and consultation of the hair experts, you must simply trust, and say yes!

I was fortunate to have been invited to an exclusive Hair Color Party hosted by L’Oreal X Watsons earlier this month, and the timing was just right because my roots were longer than ever, and my hair color was starting to get really brassy after sun exposure and shampooing. 

We were treated to an all out “Hair Transformation Day” complete with hair color stations, hair styling stations, make-up stations, and a pop-up photo studio to shoot our before and after profile shots! But before diving in the fun, we were first enlightened with a mini Hair Color and Care Talk from the L’Oreal Team. I really appreciated this session because it educated us on some need-to-know facts before we make that all important decision of choosing our next hair color.

I learned that there are so many factors to consider in choosing the most flattering hair color for you, all backed up by research!

Some of these include, skin tone, and even the prominent color of your veins as seen on your wrists. If it’s blue, then suggested hair colors would be more on the ash, and iridescent tones. While if it’s green, then suggested hair colors would be warmer shades such as copper, blonde, or reddish tones. Who knew even the color of your veins were a factor? How interesting right? 
I’d say my veins are actually blue-green, and maybe this is also why I’d always opt for lighter, ash blonde-ish tones for my hair.
Now just a side note, a few months back I hosted some episodes of Watsons Instahacks where we covered DIY Hair Coloring. I also had to take the challenge and the hair color brand assigned to me was L’Oréal as well! I told the team my usual hair color preference, and after much deliberation they knew exactly which color and box to let me use!
After seeing how well the color suits me, I told myself that I would stick to this color!
Fortunately, it was also available at the Hair Color Party… here it its, L’Oreal Excellence Fashion in 6.13 “Golden Nude Brown”

My hair has been slightly bleached years ago, and I believe this affected how new hair color would react and blend to my hair. After applying it on, it turned out as expected… and I simply love it!

The other girls also tried out this color, but since their hair is a bit darker to begin with, the lightness of the shade wasn’t as prominent as it’s seen on my hair.

The hair color labels we could choose from were the Excellence Fashion shades, as well as the Excellence Creme shades. Both are infused with hair loving ingredients, to give your hair the TLC it needs while providing the color you desire. How awesome is that? I love that you can totally defy damage while making that colorful change! Worry-free, and fuss-free!
The difference of the labels is that Excellence Creme has more classic tones, while Excellence Fashion has well, more fashionable, trendy, and vibrant shades.
A lot of faces were painted with smiles as our hair color transformations progressed that day, and the before and after photo shoot made everything even more exciting.
Thank you to Yrynn Lopez and Bobbie Millena of L’Oreal for my make-up, and Charles Manalad of Blo Blow Dry Bar for my hair!

Wearing a top from Details, and harlem pants from Folded and Hung!
We also got to bring home some hair care goodies to make-sure we get to maintain our newly colored locks, and keep them healthy!
Here’s sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner perfect for dry and colored hair! This way you can clean your hair, keep it polished, and not strip away all that fabulous color.
And here are hair care oils to nourish your hair from top to tip, and help prevent split ends and damage from constant styling and coloring.
In case you wanna throw your own Hair Color Party, or even take your own DIY Hair Color Challenge like we did for Instahacks, all of these products are available in select Watsons stores! Thank you again for the sweet pamper and hair color session, L’Oreal and Watsons! For more photos during the party, check out the official hashtags: #DefyDamage #MakeThatColorfulChange!
​Keep those locks colorful and cared for!