Hosting To the Fullest!

Hosting has been a huge part of my life. I actually started hosting at age 11 for a local kids telemagazine show, and ever since I’ve been drawn into the industry, in bettering my craft—whether hosting for events, television shows, or digital platforms… and wherever it lead me, from fields, courts, to arenas, and the most beautiful destinations.

Being a host has expanded my knowledge and enriched my values as an individual. It taught me how to listen much as it made me comfortable to speak, it taught me how to react and make the best out of uncertain and even unideal situations. It empowers, and allows me to be more engaged with the world, and most importantly, it never fails to help me build and make meaningful connections with the people I meet. — And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I’m so excited to be sharing the things I’ve learned and continue to learn as a professional host in the first ever HOSTING and PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP, spearheaded by Chinoy TV. Registration is still open with limited slots available! What God gives to you, he wants to give through you… so I can’t wait to see you guys on June 23!