So on Instagram I’ve been sharing the some posts with the hashtag #SmartBigBytes! So here’s a little bit more about it if you haven’t heard about it yet!
Smart Big Bytes 15 allows subscribers to really experience the Smart Life by changing how they consume and watch videos. Viewing movies is made even more affordable and accessible because #SmartBigBytes 15 lets you download up to 2 full length movies on iFlix for only 15 Pesos. It also includes 40MB that subscribers can use for social media.

So here’s the breakdown:

Data allowance: 340MB

  • 300MB for access to iFlix, YouTube, and other video streaming sites.
  • 40MB for social apps

Validity is for 2 days and to register, just dial *121#
Again, it’s all just for 15 pesos and this has got to be one of the most affordable entertainment offers today!

Smart Prepaid is definitely changing the way the subscribers watch videos and movies. Such a stark contrast from unreliable and illegal pirated DVDs, evolving to accessing thousands of movies the clean, proper, mobile, and not to mention very addicting way thanks to iFlix, only with a few clicks!
I personally really have been into the wide selection of movies available on iFlix. Just recently got to see Under the Tuscan Sun, and Chocolat! Films for the soul! Watch them if you haven’t seen them yet!

So now it’s your turn to discover all the fun right at the tip of your fingers! All you have to do register to BB15 and try how seamless the experience is using iFlix with Smart! It’s really the perfect combination! Visit http://smart.com.ph/bigbytes to learn more! Enjoy and happy streaming!