This year so far has been amazing because of all the awesome opportunities that came my way and the amazing people I’ve met and got to work with. Opportunities come with a lot of work and focus, but everyone needs a breather from the regular routine to just unwind and take a break. Fortunately mine came in the form of a trip to one of my favorite countries, Ja-fun!!!  Last year, I got to visit Tokyo so this time we wanted a different area and went to Osaka, A.K.A. “the kitchen of Japan” according to my research! We made sure our tummies and tastebuds were prepared for a great Japanese feast!

I would’ve loved to have a longer trip but we all had some work to attend to right after and only had a little less than a week for our vacation. So we made the most out of it by making sure to go for quality over quantity with our itinerary. Checking the weather forecast is a must when planning your days. We weren’t expecting it to rain but at least we got a good heads up that it would rain in one of the days we were staying in Osaka. We made sure to schedule the sunny days for full park days, and it started with our first destination, Universal Studios Japan!

So happy that the hotel we stayed at, Hotel Keihan Universal Tower, is an official partner hotel of USJ. Going to the park was just a pleasurable walking distance!

Within 5 minutes or less, you can already see the giant Universal Studios globe. Actually we could hear the screams and cheers of park goers from our hotel room and even see and hear roller coasters swooping about! It definitely put us in light spirits!Loved that the weather was a good 20-22 degrees that day! So I came up with this no frills theme park look!

#JCootds featuring : Details for my off shoulder light denim colored top, Wrangler Jeans for my pants, Keds for my polka-dot Keds X Kate Spade sneaks, and Tory Burch for my new travel companion purse in Poppy Red under their latest #ToryBurchSS16 collection. Also found a tiny black ribbon at home to tie around my neck as a choker!

​I was a little worried that we couldn’t get coveted express passes for the rides anymore since we only attempted to avail of them the day itself. But with the assistance of the hotel staff, they were able to secure us 3 express passes for the day together with our day passes. Yup, they’re separate from each other.I really wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and heard that tickets were separate from USJ passes. Good thing the express passes we got already covered it! Hooray

We first had lunch at Finnigan’s, a resto-pub at USJ. Got the set meal that looked really cool. Got curious since the menu said “Taste the Terror!” hahaha

The food was overall okay, but it would be better. The food we had for our late afternoon snack at the sandwich place in Amity Ville (where the Jaws attractions) are were way better! Try their hot shrimp and chicken sandwiches!

​After lunch we were just in time for The Reborn Parade to celebrate the park’s 15 year anniversary! 

I saw the park staff handing over giant confetti-filled balloons to parade watchers that lined up along the park road, and I knew I wanted one too! So I sat along the sidewalk and patiently waited for mine. They were to be thrown during one part of the parade, and I was happy to be amongst the proactive participants! Love how they really included park guests in the festivities, and even handed us over some more confetti to toss around as the parade was about to end. 

​Then we started our mission to go and ride some rides at the park starting off with Hogwarts since our express pass for that specific area had a time limit to make sure the place doesn’t get too crowded. Pretty efficient system right there. The ride 4D ride was really fun but I expected it to be more intense since riders we’re required to leave loose items like bags and cameras in lockers. It was a pretty chill ride for me, it was a more of a ride for the senses than a ride for thrills.

Here are some more photos from the area:


How cute is this little Japanese Wizard?

We spent so much time at the Wizarding World because it was so enchanting!We explored the rest of the park afterwards and also got to catch the Magical Starlight Parade, that was indeed magical! Another highlight was playing some of the carnival games where we got to test our hand eye coordination, and happily brought home an adorable baby Cookie Monster stuffed toy! Yippee! This cost way better than the overpriced ones at the souvenir shop inside the park. So if you wanna have fun and get a chance to win a souvenir that has a better back story, go ahead and try your knack at one of the addicting park games. They accept cash only!


Wasn’t Easter anymore but these flowers are too cute!

We got pretty tired from the full day and decided to have dinner around the area. Good thing that right outside the park and right across our hotel stands Universal City Walk. It houses a variety of both local Japanese and international establishments, restaurants and attractions such as an arcade if you want the fun to continue after your Universal Studios day trip!

Some of the establishments I saw were the Takoyaki Museum, Bubba Gump, Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza, Moomin Milk Tea, and Hard Rock Cafe. There were also local restaurants that specialize in sushi, ramen, omu-rice, udon, katsu, Japanese spaghetti and more!  Japanese convenience stores, souvenir shops, and international retail brands such as Claire’s were also in the area. Yes, Universal City Walk actually has everything! We were impressed!

We had dinner, at this udon restaurant where a lot of people were lining up at. Just because it seemed like everyone wanted it… So of course we wanted it too. Haha We were quite impressed with the quality of the udon they had, as well as the variety of different tempuras they specialize in. It was a build-your-own set meal type of a dining experience. And each dish or tempura piece adds up to the cost of your total bill. It’s definitely an interesting type of “fast food” service. Don’t forget to “clay-go” or clean as you go!

That was day 1 of my #janeenadventures in USJ in a nutshell! Stay tuned for other Osaka blog and vlog posts soon! Whichever comes first! For the meantime, visit and subscribe to my channel by clicking here!

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