Joyful with The Giordano x Disney Pixar’s Inside Out Collection!

When I heard that Giordano and Disney Pixar’s Inside Out will be collaborating for a fun new collection, I immediately felt giddy and searched for the designs online to see it for myself ASAP! They weren’t kidding when they said you could literally wear your feelings on your sleeves with these adorable new designs. 

I personally have been looking forward to seeing the film from the moment I heard about it last year. The trailer got me reminiscing on one of my favorite communication classes back in college (Aahh… I actually typed “back in college…” #aftergradlife), called Science Communication. This movie would’ve been a sure conversation starter in that class since one of the course’s objectives was critically analyzing science portrayed in several communication mediums around us. Oh, how I miss Ateneo. Anyway, I still have yet to see it tomorrow and I cannot contain my excitement being a movie buff. Yup, I guess I could officially call myself that since I also took 3 film classes in college: Elements of Screen Art, Asian Cinema, and European Cinema! Best classes ever!

Okay… moving on to the actual collection! Color, comfort, and characters would describe it in a nutshell. Both catering to adults and children, the wide array of designs produced with Giordano’s signature premium fabrics are definite crowd-pleasers.

Another thing to look forward to is this weekend’s line-up of “Inside Out” activities and exciting freebies at the SM Megamall Event Center (August 22 to 23). Bring the entire family and enjoy! I can’t wait to shop for my own Inside Out merch as well, I think I’ll go with the varsity jacket with a “J” for “Joy” and coincidentally for Janeena! Hope you’re all having an awesome, stress-free, and joy-filled weekend so far!
What the activity area looked like during the first leg at Glorietta! Photo by Giordano’s Facebook page.