Keeping it ON, DAYLONG

Deeply honoured to be an ambassador for a skin care advocacy that more people should really start making a habit of, all thanks to Daylong’s initiative of making everyone aware that there should be “No Vacation from Sun Protection.” 

Late last month, friends from the media were invited to experience “Sunscreen in the City” with the official ‘unraveling’ of us five ladies as Manila’s Daylong Ambassadors. With our own active lifestyles in each of our respective fields, we are constantly exposed to harmful UVA, UVB, and infrared rays not only from the sun, but even from lights at home, gadgets, studio lights, and the like. There’s no escaping it!

The Daylong Ambassadors with Daylong’s brand manager Jon Lee (third to the left) – Jackie Go, Jaymie Pizzaro, Myself, Marj Sia, and Marie Lozano

Before this media launch, we actually participated in a study to measure how much sun exposure we each get on a regular week, from day until night. We were all given our own glamourized sun sensors, made to look like pretty necklaces from the future (I guess now IS the future). Results from the test were also shared on this day, and we were as surprised to find that we really cannot hide from the effervescent sun rays be it indoors or through glass windows of cars. Here’s our advocacy video for Everyday Sun Care showing progress and results from the test!

Made in Switzerland and imported by Galderma (the makers of Cetaphil), Daylong protects the skin from sun damage at a cellular level. Because of its liposomal and oil-free formulations, it feels light on the skin without the sticky sensation. This, I love about it! It is also non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and water-resistant both in fresh water and salt water -perfect for athletes and vacationers! It’s also paraben free, hypoallergenic, and emulsifier free.
For more details of Daylong, and the other variants they have, visit their official page here!


We were asked later that day to pledge our personal advocacies of taking care of our skin from sun damage. We all wrote on our instaxed shots, and hung them on the commitment wall. 

I put “Yes to sunscreen sessions!” on mine!

And yes, I have been a good girl, and have been starting to put Daylong every day before I leave for work or play. 

Daylong has given me the assurance of protection that I need, especially with all my activities under the sun. It feels good not having to worry about my skin’s constant exposure to the sun’s extremely harsh heat and rays.

We all had a great time sharing our sun care advocacies, and tips in maintaining healthy skin. Aside from applying sunscreen daily, I also shared how the right amount of sleep, and loads of fresh detox water with fruit slices have been my go-to skin care remedy. 

Jackie, Jaymie, Jon Lee (Daylong’s Brand Manager), Myself, Marj, and Marie

My grandma says so, science says so, we say so… bottom point is that there is no vacation from sun protection! Sunscreen and the City is the new “SATC!”  

Stay healthy, stay protected, and keep it on, daylong! 

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