Limited Edition Sakura Specialties at Tokyo Bubble Tea!

One of my highlights last week was visiting ‘Tokyo’ in Manila, more specifically along Katipunan Avenue Extension. The ambiance girl in me couldn’t help but immediately feel giddy upon entering this clearly well-designed Japanese fusion restaurant, Tokyo Bubble Tea. This Spring, my Instagram and Facebook news feeds were filled with photos of friends in Japan posing amidst gorgeous cherry blossoms in full bloom. It seemed as if everyone was in Japan, but since I had commitments in Manila, I couldn’t schedule a vacation just yet. Fortunately, Tokyo Bubble Tea is bringing the sakura season to Manila, complete with all new sakura-inspired dishes, bento sets, and limited edition JCC milk teas! 
Their bento trays include the Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg, Sakura Soy Ginger Fish, and the Sakura Chicken Katsu. Each set is served with a side Sakura Salad, Sakura Maki (Yes, they’re pink!), miso soup, and fried rice! I had the Soy Ginger Fish, and it was so good! I’m a fan of anything crispy, and the breading of the fish was just right. Not too thick, not oily, and the texture of the fillet inside was really tender. I’m actually craving for it again as I write this now. Ahhh… The fish rested on a bed of sautéed vegetables with delicious soy ginger sauce, all complimenting each other very well. 

The Chicken Katsu, came with sliced mushrooms, grilled zucchini and tomatoes, and was topped with fried egg, while the Ebi Furai with Hamburg had two strips of Ebi shrimp tempura and a beef patty served with gravy and cabbage salad. Yum!!


Table buddies with Bianca Sing, Sophie Ramos, and Verniece Ensciso who also hosted the event!


Part of the Sakura experience is meeting the kawaii Sakura! She’s 1/3 of the BUBLETS!


Close-up shot of my favorite soy ginger fish!

The Sakura Experience cannot be complete without their specialty bubble teas! They introduced three new limited edition flavors, namely, the Sakura Royal Milk Tea, the Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea, and the Sakura Taro Milk Tea. They look extra pretty too all thanks to that sakura spin! Of course, in the end I still had room for dessert! Who wouldn’t make room for this beautiful slice of cake? This is their newest Sakura Mango Roll! It was the perfect, refreshing ender with its light and fluffy texture.

Other specialty cakes from Honeybon, a Japanese patisserie and cafe by Tokyo Bubble Tea!

The afternoon was filled with great food, awesome company, sakura blossoms everywhere, and an explosion of kawaii, especially when these too-adorable-for-life characters revealed themselves, and put a huge smile on everyone’s faces! Meet the BUBLETS: Ichiban, Sakura, and Midori! These special mascots were ‘born’ that very day, so they’re eager to meet more people like you! Better pay them a visit them soon! All these sakura specialties are available for a limited time only starting this April so experience it while you can! Any diner who gets to mix and match these featured bento trays with the JCC milk teas will get a chance to pick a prize from their special sakura tree! Who knows, you might even get to bring home with you the BUBLETS in plush toy forms, a kawaii sakura tee, vouchers, and many more! 
From my new friends and I, we wish you a lovely, bubbly day! 
For more info, visit their official page here.