This has got to be the most awesome-smelling package I’ve ever received courtesy of Lux Philippines! Not that I smell all the packages delivered to my door, but you get the point! Haha Yup… Manila, get ready to be spellbound and bathe with LUX, everyday! I am so thrilled to have been one of the first 40 people in the country to have tried these new body candies! Thank you, Lux!

I’m sure we can all agree that smelling good throughout the day is something we’d all like to achieve effortlessly. It’s such a simple yet understated way to make a good impact or leave a lasting influence over the people you meet wherever you go. 

Now with the introduction of the latest LUX Perfumed Bath Collection crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris, and London, we can step outside the shower knowing that our skin is infused with perfume that can last up to 8 hours!

Master perfumer Nicole Mancini helped design the Magical Spell fragrance… and what makes the scent so captivating is the mix of these fine notes: dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean. Ooh, la la! Definitely one magical blend right there that I wouldn’t mind bathing with everyday!

This has got to be one of the prettiest soap bars!
​Loving the floral carving details, plus it’s in my favorite color!
I actually enjoy reading bottle labels. I guess it’s just the communication major in me!
This body wash bottle looks a lot like a love potion! Well, I did pretty much just fall in love with it. Great job, packaging department!
The NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is available in four signature scents:

Magical Spell
White Impress
Soft Touch
Love Forever

You can also be one of the first to try the NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection, simply by signing-up in the link below to get a special gift from LUX!

Yup! All you have to do sign-up and wait for your very own free special LUX package delivered right at your doorstep! You’re welcome! Share your experience bathing with the all new LUX with the hashtag #BatheWithLUX! ​Enjoy!