Massages, Dr. Fish, and Negative Ions Anybody?

Attention to all spa savvy people and to all those itching for that much-needed, rejuvenating R&R escape! Rest and relax away with Zenyu Eco Spa’s unique services 
that will revitalize your mind, body and soul. 

Sounding all hippie here but even I was surprised by how light and renewed I felt after the package mom and I took a few weeks ago.

“Zenyu” actually means complete healing in Japanese. Their main services include the usual full body and foot spa massages, their iconic fish spa, and their signature negative ion hot bed treatmentthe only one here in the Philippines! Sounds quite fancy, right! 

More details below:

Our package included the use of their spa’s main highlights, the fish spa, a full-on body massage, and the most calmingly energizing cherry-on-top, the negative ion hot bed treatment. 
Inside the women’s locker room is where the fish spa pool is at. What better way to get rid of dry skin than by being tickled, or rather nibbled by ‘Dr. Fish?’ That’s what they call ’em! 
You can also avail of the full body fish spa treatment. 
Just bring your swimsuit, dip in, 
and hold your laughter.
A pool full of Dr. Fish/ Nibble Fish feasting on our delicious feet! Yum yum.
Instead of a head massage, we availed of their cold stone facial. 
It was kinda too cold for me though. 
Our masseuses were also really accommodating with special requests. 
The massage room. The hallway. The lockers,
We were served with Acai Berry shots before officially starting our 30-minute hot bed session.
*Acai is a superfood and is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins
We were also given our own water tumblers to keep us hydrated during the entire treatment. 
Great service with a smile! Thanks Ms. Lucilla!

Now more about this Negative Ion Hot Bed Treatment

It’s actually the same facility and technology they use in Japan’s Ecoparadise Deoxidation Center. They’ve branched out in Singapore and Malaysia as well, and the Philippine counterpart is this, located in Manila Ocean Park’s Hotel H20.

So what are negative ions anyway? What does this treatment exactly do?
According to Ecoparadise Japan, negative ions are referred to as the “vitamins of the air” and these molecules are present in bodies of nature such as in waterfalls, hot springs, mountains, virgin forests and beaches.

Health benefits include:
Cell regeneration, blood circulation, bowel movement, body aches, and diseases overall… some cancer patients even avail of this treatment on a regular basis and have shown signs of healing according to Zenyu Eco Spa’s Manager, Ms. Katrina Mananzala.

With their specialized construction of the Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy Rooms, the whole area has a balance of electrical charges similar to the energies you get from naturally negative-ion-rich environments.

Behold! Our Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy Room, nourishing our bodies with high amounts of negative ions. All you have to do is lay down, and let your skin and nose do all the ‘absorbing.’
Just inhale and exhale and you’ll sweat out all your body’s toxins in minutes.

They can also shut the lights for you and you can literally just dose off and fall asleep. Temperature of the room is set at 45 degrees Celsius with humidity of 20%.  Since these are negative ions, the warmth and humidity isn’t suffocating. 

You can even bring a book with you or your gadgets for as long as these electronics won’t come into direct contact on the heated ground.

This treatment is perfect for people under heavy stress, people with illnesses (since the place is completely virus/bacteria-free, and will boost their stamina with these magic molecules), and for just anyone looking for a rebirth from their exhausted selves.

My cheeks were naturally rosy after my Zenyu Eco Spa session, and my skin felt so supple too. Inside, I was feeling real pumped and ready to face the world once more with my new and improved negative-ion-filled mind, body, and soul! (haha)

Definitely making this a habit! So, for you future new timers, I might just see you in the hot bed room on my next visit!

For more details and for reservations, visit their official page and click here.