We all have our own daily routines and planners filled with what seems to be a barrage of endless schedules. I got to admit that sometimes, I get so caught up in the buzz of my daily grind that I forget to live life and enjoy each moment. But then again, we all lead busy lives to be productive citizens, to achieve our personal and professional goals, and hopefully so we get to share our incredible stories with others to inspire and motivate them in turn.
So personally, I love it each time I stumble upon a gem that makes life ever more efficient, and productive! If you’ve read the title of this blog entry already, you would know what I’m talking about. Just a week ago, amidst the hustle and bustle of my usual grind, this beautiful baby came my way… The new ASUS ZenBook UX305CA or you can simply call it the #ZenBook. (Yes, complete with the hashtag of course! Haha)

I got this unit in ceramic white just because it looks so clean, sleek, and can match all my #JCootds and future flatlay layouts on Instagram! Yes, these bonus factors do matter. Right? But apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal, it’s literally sleek being 12.3 mm ultra thin, and lightweight weighing only 1.2 kg. So according to my research, this makes the ZenBook the world’s thinnest QHD or Quad HD, 13.3 inch laptop. 

Being particular with visuals, my eyes also get a pretty good feast for the senses with its IPS display with up to QHD+ ultra high resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. So, this is what I’ve been using to binge watch iFlix series with my family! The matte screen also prevents any glares from the reflection of lights.
This sleek baby also has a pretty powerful gut, and I was impressed myself the first time that I heard of it utilizing the latest Intel Core i7 processor. The core processor also allows for the ZenBook to keep cool even without a fan because of the ultra thin 0.5 mm diameter heatpipe inside. On top of this, an ASUS exclusive IceCool Technology feature prevents heat build-up on the palm rest that keeps it within a range of 28° C to 35° C, making long working hours in front of the laptop a more pleasurable and indeed cooler experience.  
Audio wise, the ZenBook uses ICEpower Audio technology founded by Bang and Olufsen. Need I say more? For those who aren’t familiar, Bang and Olufsen Technology = premium audio technology.  Meanwhile, the AudioWizard software allows you to achieve ideal audio settings for whatever media you’re about to consume… with the five preset modes: MUSIC, MOVIES, GAMING, RECORDING, and SPEECH, you can be sure to have full control in achieving that perfect listening experience.
I’m also quite a fan of its full-function ports, 10-hour long battery life feature even with continuous Wi-Fi consumption, so I know I can be productive even in the midst of the worst Manila traffic scene. It’s also capable of high-speed all-flash storage up to a 512GB SSD, making it six times faster than a usual hard disk! In other words, it’s packed with the latest high-performance tech anyone would love to have in a laptop minus the weight and all the wait! Not bad at all considering the price of this unit starts at Php 39,995.00. Click here for a list of authorized ASUS resellers!
I get why they call it the ZenBook now, having experienced using this beaut with such delight. It’s not only crafted with classic elegance and powerful function while incorporating a minimalist edge in mind, but it truly does give me the “Zen” I need because I know I can bring my work, and play with me everywhere. Plus it amplifies my style game at the same time too. Ready to take on more work, and enjoy unwinding with my new baby! What has been your favorite gadget that’s just perfect for both your style and lifestyle?
Have a lovely weekend everyone!