My Latest Skin Discovery: Probiotics for the Skin!


I am a fan of skin care for many reasons. But what tops that list is how taking proper care of my skin makes me feel great and look good at the same time. Who doesn’t need and want that right? With the skin being the largest organ of our body, we actually SHOULD make skin care a priority. But with the several factors the skin in exposed to, on top of the many different tasks and responsibilities we juggle in our daily lives, sometimes our skin just has to have “those days.”  Sounding like a sanitary commercial right here, but you get what I mean! Haha

Sleep deprivation, stress, hormonal imbalances, and improper diet are just some of the factors that causes our skin to breakout… Hope those don’t sound all too familiar to you! But if they do, well at least you’re reading this post because I’m here to share my latest anti-acne and skin care discovery!

Okay, so have you heard of probiotics? I’m sure most of us if not all are familiar with Yakult and its main power factor, probiotics. Well this is the same kind of probiotics found in PROBIODERM Probiotics Cream, Skin Barrier Protection. It’s basically probiotics in a jar for your skin! How cool is that? It’s the first of its kind and is a natural, defensive, and scientifically proven breakthrough by proudly Filipino-owned pharmaceutical company, Pediapharma Inc., and is exclusively distributed by Dermaceutika Corporation. Yup! It’s 100% natural and preservative-free! Carefully formulated by renowned pediatric doctor, Dr. Arturo Ludan MD, it’s also proven safe and effective to the Food and Drug Authority’s satisfaction.For those who aren’t too familiar with probiotics, they are beneficial or friendly bacteria found in the gut and on our skin that helps improve digestion, boosts the immune system, and protects against inflammatory diseases.

Usually there’s a healthy balance of the tons of good and bad microflora living in our bodies, but sometimes we need to replenish the population of probiotics when there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria. This unbalance may be caused by several external and internal factors like the erratic weather, excessive pollutants, harsh soap cleansers, exposure to allergens, and stress. The skin then reacts and becomes inflamed, A.K.A. hello pimple nation!! And hello panic!!

But fear not! This is the exact reason for Probioderm’s existence! It works to restore the balance and population of good bacteria on the skin, reducing inflammation, redness, itchiness, and at the same time improving the overall quality of the skin, making it supple and smooth!

As a skin barrier protection, Probioderm with Zinc delivers the following health benefits to the skin:

  • Controls inflammation by stimulating the skin’s natural immune system
  • Prevents overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria
  • Ensures a stable and balanced bacterial colonization of the skin
  • Produces acidic skin PH
  • Becomes a source of antibacterial substance
  • Aids in tissue repair

It is claimed that in as little as one week for some users, these skin benefits can be seen:

  • Redness and itchiness disappear
  • Acne subsides
  • Skin is smoother and more radiant

APPLICATION: All you have to do is spread a small amount on the clean affected area of the skin and leave overnight. It may be used for both the face and body.STORAGE: Store it in stable room temperature, where it’s cool and dry, away from sunlight and heat. If stored properly, it can have a shelf life of 18 months from date of manufacture.

I’m familiar with probiotics found in yogurts but I never knew that skin conditions such as acne and comodones can be treated with probiotics too! I can’t wait to discover more about Probioderm and test its compatibility with my skin. A lasting first impression would be the way it smelled a lot like Yakult! This is because the formulation is au naturale and has no added fragrances to mask the natural scent of probiotics. The cosmetic formulation contains hardy strains of the probiotic blend, and has quite a soft, creamy texture much like yoghurt. It feels really good on the skin, light and fresh, like my face and body is being treated really well and replenished!

So to everyone suffering from a bad case of acne, or if you just want to achieve a brighter and clearer skin… This new topical probiotics treat is definitely a product worth trying! It is recommended that those with known sensitivity or reaction to yeast or fermented products to first consult a doctor before using it.

I also personally love how they launched their #Confikada campaign where they tapped your average everyday youth with their own respective quirks and uniqueness to advocate for confidence and self-love with Probioderm! Here’s to new discoveries, and to being confident in our own skin at any given day!Stay confidently you!​Love,


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