My Skin Sanctuary – Say Hello to The Skin Specialists!


​The Skin is the largest, most exposed organ in our body and it will definitely show whether or not you take good care of it. I suggest you do!
Never underestimate the power of presenting yourself the best way possible. Don’t do it to please others, but do it for yourself! You deserve it. I believe that observing proper skin care is not only an aesthetic pursuit… Rather, it’s also a form of basic grooming and social etiquette. When you make sure you have your best face and skin forward, it’s good not only for your self-confidence, but also makes a great impact and a lasting impression.
Personally, it works wonders for me knowing that I can confidently present myself wherever I go. Especially with the hats I wear as a host, youth speaker, and model… It helps to look and feel your best. So I’m really grateful that I can be assured of the proper treatments my skin needs under the specialized, hands-on care of Dr. Jean Marquez’s The Skin Specialist. 
With their Marketing Communications Manager, Sir Jun Amigo,
​and the radiant Dr. Jean Marquez herself!


There are so many reasons to love this skin sanctuary in Timog…
To state a few, here are some personal plus points for me that definitely count:
The place is so chic — complete with just the right amount of mood lighting, a charming chandelier, a flat screen cable TV, comfy couches, and even a refreshment table where you can have multiple refills of coffee, lemon water, and my favorite, their malunggay Iced Tea! You’ll definitely feel welcome, and more than at ease. The ambiance girl in me gives it a seal of approval!

I also love that it’s located near my place! It only takes me about 10 minutes to get there by car, and to think this is their only branch! They’ve got ample parking spaces too, so leaving your vehicle won’t be a problem. Their complete address is: at ESNA Building, 30 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. It’s the building right beside McDonald’s. 

My idea of chill!
Complimentary refreshments station before and after your treatments!
This brings me to my next reason. Knowing that this is their only branch, you can be assured that “The Doctor is In” almost 101% of the time. Of course their trained specialists and assistant dermatologists will always be around to attend to customers, but their “Skin Specialist Queen” in the name of the gorgeous Dr. Jean Marquez never fails to give her clients personalized service. More than anything, I love the fact that she gives of that genuine warmth and approach that’s more like a concerned friend you can trust to look out for your best interest.   
Another obvious one is that this woman really walks the talk. She’s been in the industry for over 13 years and is still at it gracefully and successfully! Her best brand ambassador is herself, and when I first met her early this year, I was so pleased to be leaving my skin care needs under her supervision. If my derma is this beautiful, she clearly knows what she’s doing right? Their customers range from a mix of both men and women. While some of the country’s top journalists, as well as TV and Sports personalities patronize their specialized services. 
Find me!!
Memory wall throughout the years! Spot their projects, patronizers, and more! 
Yup! How chic is she?


The treatments she and her team would recommend will always be the ones that fit your skin type and cater your skin’s needs at the moment, not unless you have a specific request. From the usual diamond peels and facials that repair and hydrate, to more complex ones such as muscle contouring, dermal fillers, UVB Phototherapy, laser skin resurfacing, and everything in between, they got you covered.

For me though, I keep coming back for these specific treatments:
This clinic is abundant with chandeliers! 

  • It’s not scary as it sounds! With the common notion of lasers being painful, you’d be surprised by how they redefine achieving beauty, in painless ways! The most you’d feel is itch from the laser friction. Thank goodness!
  • The EL treatment can remove the dark blemishes on your body, and even out your skin tone especially in usual problem areas such as the knees and elbows. I’m prone to insect bites, and it always takes forever for my scars, and even bruises to heal. So this speeds up the lightening process of those darks spots and literally ‘erases’ them with the laser.
  • With just one session you will automatically see the difference! It really works like magic that even tattoos can be removed after constant EL treatments! Intense, right?


  • So I can raise my hands up high with conviction in dire times when the overflowing of good vibes must be expressed!
  • I’m impressed by how this treatment is also barely painless! And with only 3 straight sessions, I noticed that my underarm hair growth has become way slower. The hair follicles on the other hand have grown to be more thin, and fine. With constant follow up treatments, the hair will eventually stop growing, and the fine lines from the underarm area will also become smoother.


  • You read it right! They’re like facials, but customized for the back… all to attack the rise of that horrible back acne. I’m fortunate enough to not have quite a lot of breakouts on my face (knock on wood!)… But somehow, there’s just no escaping them making guest appearances on my back.
  • This is actually my favorite treatment because I find it really soothing. Complete with a tea tree back scrub, and ample time for the steam. If you also have a monstrous pimple that you really need to get rid of ASAP, you can actually request for it to be injected too!
  • I often fall asleep during this treatment and even ask them to shut the lights for me. Then when I wake up, all I have to do is get dressed, bring home my prescription creams for maintenance, make sure I apply them properly, and simply bring sexy back! Literally and figuratively! Haha​
Beautiful details are found everywhere in the clinic such as these powerful verses.
My Skin Specialist Barkada! haha See you in my next appointment lovely ladies!
Kidding aside, I hope I was able to enlighten you to not lose hope with that backne dilemma, and to spark your interest in maintaining your best skin under specialists who know it best! Who knows, I might even get to see you in my next appointment! Stay gorgeous inside and out, book that appointment now, and enjoy that much needed pamper and beauty rejuvenation!