It’s no secret that we’ve grown to be dependent on our gadgets wherever we go, with whatever it is that we do. But really, instead of calling it dependency, it’s more of reliability that I value when it comes to embracing new gadgets! And when something as pretty and efficient as this new stunner, the ZenFone 5Q comes along, I couldn’t help but share its ultra fine features.

I mean being caught up with so many things I both need and want to do with the hustle hard/play hard lifestyle I’ve been living requires a trusty sidekick, or even better, a digital and tangible best friend that I found with my new ASUS ZenFone 5Q. And here are the reasons why!


Yes, you read that right! There have been much noise and praise with dual cam smartphones that have been in the market for quite some time now, but the 5Q went 4 steps ahead by being one of the first worldwide to offer excellent smartphone photography with its QUAD CAM system!

It has four cameras, with dual cams on each side: a main camera, and a secondary 120-degree wide-angle camera! So whatever the subject may be, up close or from a distance, be it a portrait selfie with a dramatic blurred effect bokeh background, or a selfie with a wide-angle background perfect when solo traveling, or even groupfies that can finally accommodate more heads and even the background, can all be easily captured. No need to elicit the help of the person with the longest arm to take the groupfie anymore! Hahaha So, yes you can expect great framing, in high resolution!

Dual Rear Camera

  • ultra-wide shots perfect for shooting landscape photos, traveling, concerts, group photos, parties!
  • main rear camera with high 16MP resolution and the one among the four with 4K video recording capability! A plus for mobile vloggers on the go like me!

Dual Front Camera

  • for ultra-wide “we-fies!” And even wefies + a pretty background, to really capture more from the moment, not just the people but the place and ambiance too!
  • main front camera with great image quality! This cam’s 20 megapixel resolution is one of the highest of any front facing smartphone cameras. Thanks to its highly advanced Sony IMX376 sensor. Perfect for detailed selfies!


Aside from the already impressive quad cam system, it has even more fun camera features that creative minds would surely appreciate such as the built in 8 Mood Filters + 9 Camera Modes that include HDR, portrait, beauty (that you can immediately adjust prior to shooting for that extra fine finish, allowing you to either soften your skin, brighten it, enhance your eyes, and even contour your cheeks from a scale of 1-10!), GIF mode (which I will use and abuse for sure! Haha), panorama of course, power saving time lapse shooting, and pro-shooting (where you can adjust manually the ISO, white balance, focus, and more!)

Its user-friendly camera interface helps equip both casual and advanced photographers a pleasurable shooting experience!

I’ve also been enjoying the highly customizable features of the OS as it’s powered by Anroid. So if you’re into personalized themes, fun icons, and creative widgets, you’re definitely gonna love this baby.


It has a large 3300mAh battery, paired with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 mobile platform that makes it both powerful and efficient. This means users can enjoy shooting with it longer.

It also has a gorgeously wide, Full-HD+ resolution + 6-inch Full View display that allows framing, presenting, producing and consuming content in different aspect ratios. Browsing on your social media feeds, watching your fave net streaming shows, playing your fave mobile games, checking your mails, and just getting your work done, is made even more immersive and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes! All these, power-packed into an ultra-slim framework hugged by two glass panels with elegant metallic rims—making the ZenFone 5Q truly a dazzling and modern piece of art that easily fits into your hand and pocket.

As I last checked, available colors now in Manila are Midnight Black and Moonlight White. Ooh! Sleek!


Of course I gotta protect my newfound friendship with my ZenFone 5Q! Haha So it’s great to know that there are multiple levels of biometric security available, such as the Pattern, Finger Print, and Face Recognition unlock features! The fingerprint sensor can also be configured to answer calls, call specific contacts, and even shooting photos in an instant among other commands.

Here are some photos using the camera!

Top by Plains and Prints / pants by Una Rosa / bag by Givenchy / sunglasses by @ShopNicoleSyjuco / earrings by Kera and Co. / arm candy by Nomination Italy / nails by @NailTalkTimog / photos by Jessika Chan (@hergreatadventure) using our Fujifilm cameras with 35mm prime lens!

So there you have it! Just thought to share the great news! Really love how exciting tech can be, and of course how it just makes our lives so much more fun, convenient, and colorful. Definitely using it more this Mother’s Day weekend for our staycation! Stay tuned in my IG stories and join in on the fun!

Until the next!