NEW DYNASTY Highlights and Style Diary

Ni Hao!​ Just last week, the #NewDynasty of Chinoy Millennials took centerstage at the Mr. And Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2017 Grand Coronation night! It was an exciting journey for our 30 candidates to say the least, but what made this year’s pageant extra special was the extensiveness of the search… now with a nationwide roster of hopefuls. This year’s Ms. Chinatown winner will also represent the country in an international pageant abroad, The Ms. Chinese International Pageant. How cool right?

On a personal note, it was definitely an honor to be a part of this year’s hosts as one of the co-anchors together with Ms. Chinatown Philippines 2014 and Ms. Grand International First Runner Up, Nicole Cordoves. The pageant was also hosted by Gretchen Ho, my fellow Chinoy TV host, and Richard Juan. Directed by Paolo Valenciano and Bernard Maybituin of Lumina Events, co-presented by the MMCP Foundation and Chinoy TV!

Catch the TV Telecast tonight on ABS-CBN, Sunday’s Best after Gandang Gabi Vice! Also posted my personal highlights/ POV and Style Diary in motion on JANEENA CHANNEL: Press play above!



Gown by DANIEL MANILA | Earrings by HOSEKI | Heels by GIBI | Styled by ALFY ALMONTE
​Make-up by CHERRY PACHECO of Inglot | Hair by SHERWIN AMODIA

Credits to LITO SY photography for the backstage pop-up concept shoot and other on ground photos!Special thanks as well to Boycee Salas and my stage sister Jessika, for the other great photos of the evening!


Gown by DANIEL MANILA Hand-painted by BOYCEE SALAS

​Make-up by CHERRY PACHECO of Inglot | Hair by PAUL NEBRES | Teeth Whitening by THE SMILE BAR | Hair color by STATUS SALON | Nails by ZOYA​ | Skin care by DARE CLINIC

I cannot emphasise enough how AMAZING my glam team that evening was!! Both looks were simply executed with excellence in every detail! I really wanna take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for their on point service as my ultimate “FAIRY GODGLAMSQUAD,” literally every step of the way!

To any of my readers and followers planning their debuts, celebrations, and weddings, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND my glam team of professional creatives for their magical touch! Especially for occasions wherein you need to present yourself in the best way, feel comfortable and confident, all with FUSS-FREE CONVENIENCE!

Clickable links via credits above!

Sharing all these with you thanks to CONVERGE ICT for my seamless and extra fast PURE FIBER Technology Internet connection from end to end! SO HAPPY WITH HOW FAST MY PHOTOS ATTACH!

Personal photos using my FUJIFILM X-A2 and X-A3 cameras!

LOVE MY SUPER SUPPORTIVE FAMILY! Here’s my kikay Aunt, super strong Gwama (Mom’s mom in Chinese! And it’s her birthday today BTW!), my millennial-esque Mama, the IG boyfie, and the stage sister!

Missing my Dad especially that night since apparently Richard Juan’s Dad approached my Mom and mentioned that he was school mates with my Dad back in Saint Jude Catholic School. What a small world it really is!

LOOKING BACK, one of the factors that made this night extra memorable for me was how I felt as if God gave me another chance to relive this moment from last year’s pageant… this time with more energy, and really getting to live in the moment and enjoy it!

CONTEXT: Last year I was also one of the co-anchors but that night was my first time to host once again after a month-long hiatus from work… because early that month (July 2016) was the time I got really sick and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.

Hosting for the Chinatown Pageant that year was actually one of my motivating factors to get better ASAP. It was a challenge to host well with my situation to say the least, and
although I was on my road to recovery, I still felt uncomfortable, and was also extra bloated since I was on steroids. I looked a little “sad” and confused too, because it was difficult to project and control my facial nerves! Not the best thing in the world when hosting both an event, and on-camera at the same time!

​But God is always faithful… and this year’s NEW DYNASTY campaign, is really a reminder of how we shouldn’t box ourselves with limitations whatever the circumstances are. Faith, resilience, a genuine heart, and a can-do attitude will always pay forward. ​Thank you once again and congratulations to the entire MMCP and CHINOY TV TEAM, and to all the candidates!Until the next!Love,