O Yass, O Home!

I just love new discoveries and nifty new inventions especially when it involves living a better lifestyle too!

Been drinking LOTSA water lately ever since I got my hands on my O Home HydroGen Plus after hosting for their launch! It’s the coolest, as the light inside turns into different colors while activating the hydrogen! And I was amazed with its many health benefits as shared by users, and even expert doctors who have tested it themselves!

Here are just some of the benefits:

Detoxifies and flushes out toxins, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, controls tumor growth + protects DNA (anti-cancer), boosts antioxidants perfect for anti-aging—making our skin healthy both within and out, prevents oxidative stress in our bodies derived from external factors like work and environmental pollution!

This is actually the same science behind the miracle water in Lourdes! Because aside from of course the dwellers’ faith, the water there has rich hydrogen levels!!

Doctor Echaves who shared his testimony about this, who’s btw is active at age 80+ and is a cancer survivor, is a living testament of how effective taking Hydrogen water is! He even recommends this to his patients suffering from arthritis. After a a few months, the patient could already dance and do the salsa! Haha

And his wife who had a lump in her throat, also drank H2 water consistently and it eventually subsided!

Of course the treatment of illnesses and achieving our bodies optimum health requires NOT JUST drinking hydrogen water. We have to consciously keep an active and balanced lifestyle to highly contribute to its effectivity. I for one have been loving my Diet Diva Glow Meals directly delivered to my doorstep daily!

In case you’re considering getting your own hydrogen water activator, this one by O Home is highly recommended! Other beauty clinics have their own versions but according to Dr. Echavez, as they tested each unit available in the market now, O Home’s Hydrogen Plus produces the most amount of hydrogen at 1001 ppb with a pH level of 7.6!

It’s SRP is around 8k while similar hydro bottles can cost up to 15k. So it’s really such good deal!

It’s also rechargeable, portable, and easy to operate. And again super fun to use because of the ultra cool changing colors while the hydrogen is being activated for about 5 minutes.

It really motivates me to drink more because the water must be consumed immediately after the hydrogen activation for best results!

Another thing they launched was the 4-in-1 air purifier, bladeless fan, aromatherapy diffuser, and mood lamp! But as I looked at the design, it’s too pretty that it can also be a room display! So I’ll call it 5-in-1 instead! Haha

What impressed me the most is the 16 different colors of the fan that can easily change colors! Yes there are 16 of them! It’s definitely extra!! Including colors such as teal, magenta, and peach!

So on top of the cool lights making it pretty to look at, it’s also really cooling, cleans the air, and makes the room smell great! And it’s only priced at PHP 7,995.

These are some of the many signs that the future really is here and we’re really blessed to have access to such great advancements in preventing diseases and maintaining the best possible health we can all have. As we all know, health should be of top priority!!

Can’t fulfil our purpose here on Earth if we aren’t well ourselves!

Congrats again, O Home Philippines and thank you not only for having me host but for equipping us with these amazing health and home innovations! Learn more about them here!

The Hydrogen Plus is available in Rustan’s Department Stores, Lazada, Shopee and OHome’s showroom in 1012, Buma BLDG, 9599 Metropolitan Ave, San Antonio Village, Makati City.

The Zen 5-in-1 Air Purifier is available in Lazada, Shopee , and O Home’s Makati showroom as well.

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Until the next!