Last December right before heading off to our family vacation in Italy, I got an invitation to join a fun trip out of town with NIVEA set by the end of January 2016 in beautiful Bohol! How can I decline? I promised myself to make 2016 the best year yet, so why not start it with an adventure ASAP? I clearly said yes. It was booked, packed my bags, and to my delight, I found out that most of my friends will be joining in this trip as well!

We were sent an itinerary and corresponding schedules per day prior to the trip so we kinda knew what to expect. But as always, I try not to expect too much as to not get disappointed with however reality would present itself. So here’s how our sunny days with NIVEA turned out!

I arrived in the airport early in the morning to check in. Had a mini reunion with a lot of my industry friends, from bloggers, influencers, writers, and editors from the media that I’ve worked with and have met in previous events. It was nice to see who we would spend the next few days with. We separated into groups for our Airport #ootd shots, and to my amusement, I love how well we all support each other to achieve that IG-worthy post. haha We all understood our social media needs. Haha (The entire trip went on like this BTW, one fun photoshoot after another, in between all the activities NIVEA prepared for us!)

There were a couple of delays that took place on the way to Bohol. The weather wasn’t as cooperative so instead of landing in Tagbilaran Airport, we had to park at Cebu first. Oh well, things could’ve gone way worse!
Finally upon arriving in Bohol, a welcome team and tour buses greeted us. First stop was in Bohol Bee Farm for a very pleasant, organic lunch with welcome remarks from the NIVEA Team. The place was absolutely charming. The lunch was lovely on its own, but paired with a gorgeous seaside view made quite magical.
A PR session was next, and it was held in the conference tent of The Bellevue Hotel, the hotel we were staying at. Dr. Liang Chen from Beiersdorf Research & Development’s Far East Hub enlightened us with topics about sun care, skin care, debunking myths about SPF (Sun Protection Factor)  and of course, how the effective the caring protection of NIVEA SUN really is.

I was thoroughly impressed with their extensive line of products that cover specific sun care needs, from moisturizing, brightening, bronzing, all while protecting the skin from both UVA (UV rays that cause aging) and UVB rays (UV rays that cause burning). 

My favorite variant is the NIVEA Sun Protect & Light Feel Invisible Sun Mist! It’s so easy to use since it’s packaged in a spray can, and it feels so light and smooth on the skin. It also has a transparent and non-greasy texture so it pretty much feels like a refreshing body spray! This will definitely serve as positive reinforcement for me to apply sunblock daily.

A big announcement in the brand sessions was the introduction of the NIVEA Baby Dolls! We were all insta-moms and insta-dads! Felt like the stork arrived to deliver some babies to us when we were handed our very own NIVEA dolls. So what’s the deal with them? What is this randomness you might ask?

Well, the dolls were actually an initiative of NIVEA Brazil as a campaign to help motivate children to apply sunblock! They are actually made out of UV-sensitive material that make them turn red under the sun! How cute right?

Kids having a caring nature would by instinct feel concerned about their red dolls and would want to apply sunblock on them before heading out. And yes, you guessed right, the NIVEA sunblock does in fact make the dolls stop turning into red! Genius!
These are the dolls of the future! Available publicly soon!

I also love the fact that their SPF formulas are all water-resistant, and non-greasy! They also have a specific line for kids, and an after sun moisture soothing spray to ensure that everyone can have a great time before, during, and after some fun under the sun! I’m starting to sound like a kindergarten song with all this fun under the sun talk! Haha So here are some photos from our dose of fun under the sun with the activities lined-up for us, as well as from our obligatory beach photoshoot sessions!
Other highlights of my trip were the group challenges we had as teams! Yup, our activities were very much like a team building sessions! Our “pentagon” land (or more like air) challenge with matching hanging ropes and suspending bridges was a pretty intense feat! Even had bruises in the end! But nonetheless we all emerged stronger, and more united as a team! At one point it even rained while some teams were suspended and were in the middle of their hanging ropes! We’re all still alive so it’s all good!
For our last evening in Bohol, I also got to go night swimming with some friends after our pool side dinner and while others were partying the night away! What a lovely way to end the night and the entire trip! Although I didn’t get to see much of the typical touristy sites, like the Chocolate Hills (although we were already so close!), nor did I get to spot a Tarsier, this trip is definitely one for the books because of the people we were with! Now I’ve got more reasons to revisit Bohol!

Thank you for inviting us NIVEA, and for bonding us all. Haha It not only made our Instagram feeds way prettier with all the sand, sun, sea, and laughs, but it also reassured us that we’ll have way more sunny moments yet to be enjoyed thanks to NIVEA Sun!
Here’s to more #Janeenadventures this year!! Have a great week ahead everyone, and hope you enjoyed reading through this post!