OF HOPES AND HASHTAGS: 5 New Habits for the New Year


 ​It’s time to ease into the new year, and it’s officially back to the work grind for me too! But as always, in all new chapters and beginnings, some things are bound to change… as we all aspire, for the better of course! What’s the point of starting fresh if we don’t allow ourselves to pause, evaluate and properly reflect on how we can do things much more effectively this time around?

So here’s a rundown of the new habits I wish to hold onto and foster, as this year continues to unfold. Sharing it to all of you so that we’re accountable of each other’s hopes and habits too I suppose? Yes, I said each other so perhaps you can leave a comment below and share some of your new habits to live by as well? Let’s talk!


​At number five… is promising myself to strive for progress and not perfection. Fellow perfectionists, this is not a compromise. This is simply living. Haha Yes, I am guilty of constantly listening to my own voice inside my head saying “That’s not good enough.” Or “Maybe another time, you’re not ready.” Well, this struggle within us can really take a toll on what could have been! All that time wasted overthinking, could’ve been used productively… acting and achieving!

Stop wishing, start doing… this is also precisely why I chose to use the term habits rather than resolutions. Why waste time rehashing and resolving old promises? Habits that progressively grow on us will do just the trick, I believe! And I am all in for it.

What exactly do I wish to progress with as a habit? Well, honestly producing more videos on my YouTube page without over analyzing every element of it, and just grow with it consistently! Also, working on one of my first loves… singing!

Our talents exist for a reason! If we hone them well, we not only fulfill our spirits, but we also get to contribute to society and glorify God. No one loses when we use our talents wisely. (Mt. 25: 14-30) So what are we waiting for right? Last year, by the grace of God, I was able to use my #JaneenaHosts hashtag quite a number of times… This year, I can’t wait to grow #JaneenaChannel and #SangByJaneena too! So stay tuned! No fingers crossed here, just solid prayers and action!

Tweet me requests too, or maybe we can even collaborate! It’s @JaneenaChan on IG/ Twitter and FB! Subscibe to my channel while you’re at it and It’ll be great to remind each other to stop procrastinating too! Haha


 I’ve been introducing a healthier lifestyle to my daily routine since last year. But this time, I have to remember that consistency is key in achieving anything! Being consistently healthy is one of my top priorities because when we’re fit, strong and well in all levels… we get the job done and even get to take that extra step!

“MAGIS” or striving for excellence more than what’s expected of you may be a non-existent term if we don’t take care of our bodies—all parts of it… mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I will strive to be literally active this year! Taking more fitness classes and getting involved in sports is a must on my list!

Here’s the last time I’ve gone on sports mode when I tried out a class at Republic Fencing! You can also visit them at Makati Cinema Square! Or visit their site here to learn more! EN GARDE!

This active lifestyle goes hand in hand with getting fuelled the right way too! There is a huge difference with feeling full, and getting the nourishment you need to function fully. Below are just some of the delicious, hearty yet healthy meals from our visit at Rossini via the Booky App! Our favorites were the truffle risotto and soup! But really dining with the Booky APP is just so fun and convenient! Download the app, use it and see for yourself! Discounts and freebies await!

I’ve also stumbled upon this promising health supplement from Norway recently and I’m sticking to taking it all year long! It’s called Cardiobes and it contains 3 antioxidant substances: Omega 3 Lycopene and Co-Enzyme Q 10 to help promote overall wellness and health for both men and women.

The Omega-3 they use is the purest and cleanest natural omega-3 raw material available. Lycopene is also proven to be 100 times more effective than vitamin E, and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. While CoQ10 energizes the heart by increasing its pumping power, normalizes blood pressure, and corrects a variety of cardiovascular disorders too. These powerful antioxidants also prevent premature aging, aid in cancer prevention, enhances brain function and memory, boost energy, and improve blood circulation.

Good thing it’s available here in Manila already in Mercury Drug outlets! More about Cardiobes on their official site here! Simply said, I promise to use my #JaneenaEats hashtag responsibly and not abuse it! Haha


Journals, planners and calendars are there for a reason, and there’s no better season to use them wisely but now… the start of the year! Let’s remind ourselves that every action always has an equal and opposite reaction, A.K.A. Newton’s Third Law. No I’m not here for a lecture, but number 3 on my new habits list is all about thinking, acting and reacting long term. 


Thank you Tokyo Bubble Tea for the adorable desk note pad, and Belle De Jour, Team Viviamo for the power planners you sent!
​This also translates with how we react to situations and matters beyond our control. I once stumbled upon this saying called the 5 by 5 rule that goes… If it’s not gonna matter in 5 years, don’t waste more than 5 minutes being upset by it. I will live by this quote and bid my worries away! Just breathe, balance and begin again right?

It’s also my seventh year as the face of Valentino Timepieces, and my seventh calendar shoot with them! Thank you so much to the entire Cua family for all the trust, love, and support throughout the years!
On a side note, I also just recently got to watch the animation by Dreamworks called Joseph King of Dreams… and there was this song called “Better Than I” that just spoke to me! It’s such a beautiful song about learning from struggles, finding meaning in them, and simply trusting God because He knows better than all of us. His divine plan is much more beautiful and grand… much too complex for our minds to handle and understand. I urge you all to listen to ever word of it. Better off, just watch the whole film! Also, the Prince of Egypt! Absolutely love the entire film and sountrack! Just the kind of story and message I’m sure you’ll all appreciate this start of the year, and keep you hopeful for the years to come.


That’s not just the slogan of this year’s UAAP Season, but I’m also embracing it as my own. I will dare myself to be brave, and to always give my best and live my best life through service.

DARE is also the newly rebranded name of my dermatology clinic and I can’t be more proud to be their face! Thank you again Dr. Jean for the trust, and to God of course for allowing me to live this dream. Although I’ve had some billboards around the country through my work as a model, this one was different because it literally has my name on it! Haha It’s my 1st feature billboard and considering what I’ve been through last year especially when I got terribly sick… having this billboard up is a miracle. Let’s keep the suspense of my illness on hold for now. Working on a separate post about it! Yes it’s that dramatic and I’ve got way more to share and write.

Stay tuned for it, but for the meantime let’s continue to DARE to dream and await the UAAP volleyball season as well! It’s already this February 2017 and I’ll be hosting Upfront at the UAAP once more alongside my co-hosts, Mela, Jeanine, Bea, and Laura! Catch it on ABS-CBN S+A! #JaneenaHosts #Plug haha


​And lastly, this isn’t another campaign slogan… but I do plan to be habitually proactive and purposeful in all ways that I can! I could genuinely say that my heart is truly grateful for the life it’s gotten to know so far… 23 years of highs and lows, hopes and dreams… some fulfilled, some waiting yet to be. That’s 23 New Years for me! It’s about time to pay it forward, and I intend to do so for the rest of my life with the help of the loving and supportive people around me. With you too if you wish! We all have one life to live and sadly, not everyone is having the time of their lives here on Earth. But in the ways that we can, we can introduce heaven on Earth to the lives of those who need it the most.

They say your 20’s are your selfish years… but in all honesty, I don’t think we have time for that. Just a few weeks back, devastating news of the Allepo genocide has been haunting me, the local news continues to harp with distressing headlines. All over the world violence, war, hatred, sicknesses continue despite the coming of the hopeful new year. I’m the least one to be cynical here, but that’s real talk. And aside from prayers, nothing else can heal but real, PURPOSEFUL ACTION.

​This year, whatever hashtags or habits we wish to grow, let’s not forget about the bigger picture. There’s no excuse to ignore it, and all the reason to understand it, and act upon through faith, resilience, and strength. Let’s keep at it shall we? There’s a lot of work yet to be done! 

Cheers to 2 O 1 7 and to living our best habits, 24/7, to infinity and beyond!