OMG to OMB: “Oh My Bag” and Beyond!

We’ve got our own versions and sets of what we consider our favorite things! Not to be materialistic or anything but these things do say a lot about you as a person. Watch aficionados usually enjoy functionality and luxury… Hopefully their main priority is the value of time! Haha People who enjoy books clearly thirst for knowledge and expanding their imaginations. But it’s not just these literal things that reflect who we are… It’s also their condition. 

I guess pretty much with anything, quality and maintenance always pays off in the long run. Same goes when we keep our belongings in good condition, they can in one way or another lift up our moods and make us more motivated to be productive. 

Our bags and rucksacks that help keep and carry these things in order should also be well maintained. After all we usually carry them around with us everywhere we go. I mean, who wants to be seen wearing anything worn out or unruly right?
Oh My Bag Philippines exists for this particular purpose!! I recently got my hands on some of their signature bag care items… A dustbag, bag raincoat, bag stuffings, bag handles, and even a handbag!

These may all seem pretty elaborate, all just to take care of a bag. But it is true that proper storage is key in making sure our bags last! It’s a pretty practical pursuit actually. Here are some photos of my new bag care items and what I think about them!

How else can someone make better dustbags? I wondered myself, but this particular one has a clear identification slot where I can put a photo of the bag in. This way I wont have to open each dustbag just to see what bag it actually contains. It’s a really convenient little innovation!

This bag raincoat is pretty interesting too! I guess rain or shine, this would be a great bag holder for when you’re off to some area with dirt, dust, rain or any unwanted substances. It’ll definitely protect and prevent your bags and belongings from being stained or damaged. 
Finally, if you have old and really unmaintained bags that are at a state of a hopeless case… Fear not, and allow yourself and your closet to welcome a brand new bag! This red “Sallygator” hand bag is also from Oh My Bag. They also have other designs and shapes for different needs. This one’s just for casual days out and about. Whether you’re out to meet with your friends, or if you’re off to work and going on meetings, I find this bag to have just the right size– optimal for storage and not too bulky. Of course to keep it well maintained, I’ve been using the bag stuffing as well. There are different sizes available for specific bag models and shapes. Just let them know!
Don’t my printed bag straps match so well with the bag? 

Whatever your favorite things and bags are, keeping them in great condition by proper storage and careful maintenance will definitely pay off. Do you have other bag storage solutions or instruments that are pretty unique and functional too? Let me know what they are! 

For more info on Oh My Bag and their products, click here

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Phone case by FindersKeepers_PH