Osaka’s CHIBO OKONOMIYAKI Now In Manila! #JaneenaEats


 “Para sa Okonomiya(ki)!!” We all left the restaurant with that phrase in our minds, bringing home with us satisfied tastebuds and tummies, and a lot of fun memories in Chibo Okonomiyaki! Yup, for those who feel like this brand rings a bell… If you’ve been to Osaka you probably would have researched to visit it since it is dubbed to be the king of all okonomiyaki restaurants in Japan! 

One of my favorite locations in Osaka is Shinsaibashi Dotonbori since there’s nothing but food, food and more food in every corner! There, stands a 6-storey Chibo Okonomiyaki building! I see why, especially because Okonomiyaki is one of Osaka’s signature dishes! You can’t leave Osaka without trying it, as well as Takoyaki! Founded in 1973, they currently have 63 stores and counting all over Japan! Impressive! 

I was delighted to have been invited to enjoy the Chibo Okonomiyaki experience in their flagship branch here in the Philippines before it opened its doors to the public. It’s been months since our Osaka vacation, and I’ve been having withdrawals on all the delectable authentic Japanese dishes we’d easily stumble across the streets. 

The 1st Philippine branch is located at the newly developed S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila on Seaside Boulevard at the Mall of Asia Complex. To all the residents from the south… Rejoice! There’s officially a new mall you can enjoy with your friends and family!

The restaurant is at the 2nd floor, and it has  such a fancy and inviting vibe! The interiors are modern Japanese, and we were told that everything from the design to the teppanyaki tables, ingredients, and of course chefs, are all Japanese! Their other Filipino chefs also underwent intensive training in Osaka, so I expected to have a nostalgic gastronomic experience as if transported back to Japan, except this time with more of my friends and family!

So here are highlights of the evening, and the dishes we got to try.

​​My favorites were:
​Chibo Tea Soda – It was so zesty and refreshing! Not to mention, healthy too!
​Seafood Okonomiyaki – I love seafood, especially shrimps, and I prefer my Okonomiyaki without ginger just like this! 
Scallops – Another seafood fave! Love how perfectly chewy it was, and the butter sauce was just on point! Four pieces aren’t enough!
​Garlic Fried Rice – It’s their version of yang chow fried rice, but with Japanese rice, and of course egg! I am an absolute fan of egg, however you cook it, and I’m also a fan of Japanese Rice – I mean who isn’t? So even if it was a simple bowl of fried rice, I was solved! Spot it from that spread?
​Gyoza Teppan – One of their really interesting and unique dishes! It’s basically flat gyoza! And since the wrap is thinner, it’s also crispier! The filling was a good combination of salty/sweet/spicy!
Tuna and Avocado Tartar – YUM! Also a huge fan of tuna and avocado separately! So combined, together with the special wasabi cream sauce, the textures and overall taste just complemented so well for my palate. 
Here’s more of what we had:

​Our family is not much into eating beef, but according to my friends who got go try their premium Wagyu Beef, it was pretty good! It definitely looked and smelled great too! My friends also got to order Korean Style Okonomiyaki so it has kimchi as a key ingredient! Another favorite Okonomiyaki dish was the that is topped with egg yolk! Teppanyaki and Okonomiyaki Teppan set courses are also available complete with dessert, salad, and appetizers, depending on which set you choose.You can control the heat of the table while having your Okonomiyaki and Teppanyaki experience to achieve just the right amount of crunch to your dishes, and make sure they’re cooked well enough! The controls are at the side of the table, and using their Okonomiyaki leverage” A.K.A. the “Teko” in Japanese, you can serve each other, cut your desired piece of okonomiyaki, and even use it as a spoon- That’s what they call eating okonomiyaki, Osaka Style!

There are also sauces and condiments on every table side such as Okonomiyaki sauce, soy sauce, chili, and even dried squid flakes for addition toppings, to make sure you get your preferred taste!

Price for dishes start at P 120 and the priciest dish on the menu is a premium Okonomiyaki Teppan Course at P 1,900 that includes US Beef Tenderlion Steak, Butatama Okonomiyaki, Assorted Seafood, Salad, Tonpei-Yaki (Pork Omelette), and dessert! And you’d get a pretty hefty appetizer or side dish with that P 120 already. Very impressive considering the quality, ambiance, and accommodating service of the staff! Waiting time took a little while, but we did order quite a lot, and it was only their soft opening. So there’s definitely room for improvement. 

I’m looking forward to coming back and dining here again not only because of the food but also because of the pleasant and interactive dining experience! Having a teppan table to “cook” and share with amongst friends and family really amps up any meal, be it for date night, a meeting, or for celebrations… I know our little “Para sa Okonomiya(ki)” crew had an extra fun, worthwhile, and memorable time!

Learn more about Chibo Okonomiyaki here.