Raving about the Inventive DYSON Pure Cool Link!

Technology has done it again! I had the absolute privilege of discovering a genius invention that I’m sure everyone will appreciate! Especially if you’re living in a tropical country and despise the heat, or if you’re tech savvy, and also if you’re into wellness! That’s three checks for me! You too, I suppose?So what is this invention I’m taking about? It’s called the DYSON Pure Cool Link 2-in-1 air multiplier and air purifier designed by renowned English engineer James Dyson. The bladeless minimalist design is just the tip of the iceberg… wait until you discover more of its ingenious functions as I rave about it here!

Before I delve deeper into the details of the Dyson Pure Cool Link, I was just really excited to get my hands on a cool-looking creation. I mean, just look at it! It’s a futuristic piece of art! First time I laid my eyes on it was in the Dyson Concept Store in Greenbelt 5, which by the way, made me feel like I was a Sim in the Futuristic Expansion Pack shopping for furniture under the cool futuristic/sci-fi section. It was a fun experience!

But what’s more fun was getting to know more about the awesome features of the Pure Cool Link. It’s more than just a bladeless fan. It’s actually an air multiplier that can multiply the air up to 15 times and also purifies the air from pollutants and odors at the same time!

Yup! All germophobes, rejoice! The machine has a contains a sensor at the back that detects unwanted particles in the area, allowing it to work harder to clean the air. The filter is also very powerful, having the ability to capture 0.1 Microns A.K.A. particles that are invisible to the naked eye, thus purifying the air around you!

You can control its functions with the handy and minimalist remote too. A bonus feature is that the remote can be magnetically placed at the top of the device, so you won’t have to worry misplacing it! It only has 6 simple buttons for the power, the auto function, air intensity, timer, the fan swing/direction, and night mode!

Yes, there’s even a night mode that makes the machine as silent as possible and also dimming the machine’s lights while still delivering great results. The device can be really silent that sometimes I forget that it’s turned on! It was even awarded as the Most Quiet Bladeless Fan by the official Quiet Award-giving body!

Now another winner function that made me feel like a Jetson, was that it has its own APP!
The Dyson Link App is available both in the APP Store, and on Google Play.

Now why need an app for an air purifier and multiplier right? Because they’re that cool! Taking, form and function to the next level. Well simply because it’s possible, and makes the entire experience even more cool and functional. Not only can you control the device whenever you wish, wherever you may be, but you can also monitor the cleanliness meter of every room via the app! I was serious when I said “Too Cool!” How cool is that right? All you need is WiFi connection, the Dyson App, and your Pure Cool Link Device to be plugged!

Specifically, here’s how you can maximize the use of this free app:

– Schedule the time to turn the unit on or off

– Act as your mobile remote from your phone or tablet

– Reflect the air quality inside and outside your home

I personally love how before I come home from work, I can already set the device on with my App. So upon entering the room I know I can expect a clean, purified, and cool atmosphere!

​Our cats love it too! And I wont have to worry about their fur getting caught in the blades, or worse, them getting caught in the blades since there are none to begin with! I also love how sleek and space efficient it is, so it can be transferred from one room to another with ease.

In terms of maintenance, it comes with a filter you can change every year depending on how often you get to use it. The exterior on the other hand can simply be wiped with a damp wash cloth and mild soap.

It amazes me how both figuratively and literally cool it is for all its features. It’s a device that benefits your home, your health, your convenience, and all your senses!

For more info on the device, visit their official site here.

Until the next!