Ready, Set, and Good to Glow with Watsons! 

Time flies so fast, I still can’t believe it’s March already. So happy to have started my month right by getting to know more about Watsons’ “Glow With Wellness” campaign, that encourages women of all ages to achieve holistic wellness. It’s hard not to “Work, work, work, work, work… ” as Rihanna would sing, especially when you wear many different hats. It makes me proud as a young woman, knowing how many strong, capable women are out there, living as movers and shapers in whatever fields they may be. 

Being at our A-game on a day-to-day basis is a must for us modern Filipinas. I personally have had a pretty busy late February, and one morning I woke up feeling so dizzy, noticed that my hearing was muffled as if aboard an airplane, and I’d even get lapses of vertigo. It was terrifying. Apparently, after seeing a specialist, he told me it was nothing too serious, gave some medication, and advised me to rest, rest, rest, rest, rest! Contrary to Rihanna… Haha Anyway, the moral of the story is that health is definitely wealth when it comes to juggling our must-dos and want-to-dos in life, and in looking good and feeling great!

Watsons’ “Glow With Wellness” campaign this international women’s month, provides just a simple 3-step approach in achieving every modern Filipina’s wellness goals.
So are you READY, SET, and good to GLOW?
Here’s how with the help of Watsons:
Step 1: READY
Start with a checklist of all your wellness goals. Make sure that these are realistic but challenging goals. This list will be composed of activities that will push you to be a better you.
Step 2: SET
Prepare everything you need to achieve the goals you set on your checklist. Is it a matter of changing your diet? Adding a bit of exercise to your everyday?  Going to the doctor for regular check-ups? Go for it!
Step 3: GLOW
Let Watsons support your wellness routine and habit with our wide range of vitamins, supplements as well as health advice. After all, it’s all about maintaining your new chosen lifestyle. 


To further embody the campaign’s goal, Watsons is hosting a series of awesome events and activities for all the Filipinas out there ready to glow!
The campaign kicks off on March 5, 2016 in SM North EDSA, The Block (Atrium) and will be graced by the country’s top women celebrities to share some of their personal tips in achieving holistic wellness. Here’s the list:

  • Sarah Geronimo for Sangobion
  • Marian Rivera for Belo
  • Kim Chiu for Fat Out
  • Ruffa Gutierrez for Cosmo Skin
  • Danica Sotto-Pingris for Fern-C
  • Coach Toni Saret for Capsinesis
There will also be different wellness hubs in these mall activations where you can learn and glow on the spot! :
Boost energy and strength with vitamins and supplement brands like Enervon, Fern C, Real Green, ATC, Caltrate and MX3
Get glowing with whitening, slimming and anti-ageing sloutions from Mosbeau, Met, IVI, Cosmo and IMDS
Bloom and be the best version of yourself with Belo, Snow Caps, KB, Myra, Thiocell and Biofresh
Achieve vibrance with supplements from Watsons, Sangobion, Organique Acai and Iberet
Shoppers can also avail of exclusive discounts, free services for women and freebies on the following “Glow With Wellness” legs:
SM North EDSA, The Block     – Feb 25 – March 5, 2016
SM Fairview                            – March 11–16, 2016
SM Megamall                           – March 26-30, 2016
SM Mall of Asia                       – April 7-13, 2016
Activations in Cebu and Davao are being lined up as well!

PHOTOS BY KERVIN LUY #JCootds: Penshoppe, Comfit Shoes

Wow! With the extensive line up of activities in the many legs soon, there’s no reason not to join at least one of them right? So you know what to do ladies! Mark your calendars, keep living well, and keep on glowing!
Thank you as well Watsons, for that refreshing pamper and shopping day at the launch!
For more information on the ‘Watsons Glow With Wellness’ campaign, visit 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!