Oh yes it does! That’s precisely why it landed at the top spot of this list!
Then we saw an ad that said Rainbow Room at the 65th floor. It looked really interesting so we opted to have dinner there and see the place. BEST DECISION EVER! Thanks to Morgan! Haha We ended up having dinner with a stunning view of the NY evening cityscape! And can you believe, it’s been around for over 8 decades! 


Upon entering, there were jellybeans free for the taking in butter popcorn and apple flavors. With that being the start of the evening, what more do we have in store for the rest right? We had fish and chips, the fanciest grilled cheese, and the most amazing cheesecake ever!

 After dinner we noticed how some people were chilling in an outdoor terrace area, and to our delight, diners can actually lounge there too! Ahhh It was unexpectedly amazing at Rainbow Room / Bar Sixty Five (the bar lounge area). You get the dinner, the ambiance, the view of the city, all in one convenient and not to mention, quite glamorous setting. This  so much more worth it than having to purchase 20 dollar tickets at Top of the Rock. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a celebrity or two. My other friends who went at another time spotted Drew Barrymore and even took a photo with her too!

That same day, we saw that the skating rink was open already so we planned to go back another time where all of us would be complete. A few days after and that evening came! And all of us were in that rink, skating together (or at least attempting to) right before closing time! It felt like my life suddenly became one Holly Jolly Christmas film! It was such a surreal experience that I will always cherish. It’s really a different kind of fun when you’re with friends.

Skates and smiles… Chilly and warm at the same time!With all these irreplaceable memories I get to bring home with me, I get why they say “I ♥ NY!”To everyone reading this, Happy Holidays!! Can’t wait to see what adventures await us this coming 2017!

Until the next,