How’s your NY countdown going so far? I’ve always found the transition of closing a year and welcoming a new one within just a couple of hours, minutes and seconds, quite amusing. A day to day shift doesn’t seem like much a change when the clock strikes 12 midnight, but when it indicates the start of an entirely new year…The impact is always on a different level.

We see ourselves pondering on how the year went by, how much of a roller coaster it was, counting our blessings, resenting our regrets, laughing back at hilariously unforgettable ones, while that full-year montage plays in our heads. At the same time we are hopeful with what the future holds us, what God has planned out for our worldly missions for yet another year, and with how life will simply surprise us as it always does.

I truly wonder how the next year will be different. To hustle and have faith has evolved into a staple mantra for me in 2016, so much so I’ve decided to engrave it at the back of one of my favorite watches.

It’s been one heck of a ride, and although most memories were brimming with sunshine, some were beyond challenging. Adversities make us, if we don’t allow them to break us. They test our characters and most importantly our hearts… to listen to Him, trust Him, and obey Him, no matter what. I know I’ve conquered these challenges through looking to God and to my loved ones… So although life doesn’t guarantee a safety shield from inevitable hardships on the earth we stand, I know my weaknesses can be strengthened by resilience and faith.

Here’s to welcoming the new year with not only a hopeful heart, but a stronger one too. And so the countdown continues! Let’s spell and live TWENTY-SEVENTEEN strong and as always, stylish too! Happy almost new year everyone!

All accessories and shoes by CALL IT SPRING, outfit by WRANGLER, photographed with FUJIFILM XA2, lashes by KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty, nails by GIRL STUFF