​Settling into this new year has been full of surprises and although life’s inevitable interruptions come and go, so far it’s been a fruitful first 2 months of the year. I’ve been sticking to the habits I promised myself to hold, and though they may not be easy all the time, I know I can always go back to the things that encourage me to be my best version as much as I can. So here I am sharing some of my personal pick-me-uppers that get me through those days when you’re just feeling like, well, blah, and not in the mood for productivity.


1. WRITING YOUR HEART OUTI may be guilty for using many planners through the years and not actually getting to use them to their full potential, but at least I try to journal my inner thoughts, hopes, and inspos whenever I can. It can be my favorite verse, quote, or even a dream I literally or figuratively dreamt of that keeps me going. It helps in seeing both the little details and the bigger picture of our hearts desires!

Although we have evolved into becoming highly digital beings, I’m sure we can agree that it’s a different kind of high when you get to carefully take the time and write down your mind’s ramblings… be it simple thoughts, or big ideas. Journaling has helped me recollect myself in both the good times and the bad. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed out or when I feel extra motivated to start on a new project, I’ll be on my journal writing my heart out. 

One example is how I stumbled upon this new favorite quote from a random YT video I saw, and it said:


It’s been on my desk’s mood board ever since, and whenever I’d feel like a sloth, I’d just look up at it and keep on keeping up! Don’t pressure yourself in making your journal or mood board perfect though, just use them as channels to express yourself, and release whatever there is that needs to be released!

Speaking of channels, I’ve also been journaling with both video + audio elements combined via a little space online I call #JaneenaChannel. All the pun intended! Haha The millennial in me couldn’t help it! I mean, why not right? So I’ve been bringing new life to my YouTube page as promised, and so far it’s becoming a regular part of my lifestyle. Hope you guys can show some love by subscribing as well! Cooking up a new vlog soon!

​Here’s the link: YouTube.com/JaneenaChan and I’ll catch up with you guys on a weekly basis over there!

2. GET UP, GROOM, AND BLOOMI know we all have and need our lazy just-gotta-chill-at-home days, but when you see yourselves in perpetual zombie mode, you’ve got to turn on your self-love notification button, get up, and live yo life!

Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself to a nice salon day, get your nails done, have your derma appointment, go to the spa, get dressed in the #ootds that make you feel good, and you’re all set! Mood elevation achieved! It’s true! No wonder movie producers and viewers love makeover montages! Who doesn’t want to look good and feel great about themselves right?

Groom, bloom, grow, for both yourself and the people you love!

I also make sure I take the right kind of wellness boosters so I can feel great from within too! My new wellness finds are L-lysine for adults that help with building a strong immune system (available at Healthy Options), and KORAGEM Premium Japanese Collagen pills (available at Mercury Drugstores).

I recently hosted for Koragem’s intimate press launch and I was really convinced by it, since it’s multi-beneficial and all natural! Gorgeous expert dermatologist, Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino thoroughly explained how collagen works and how much we need it not only to maintain supple and healthy skin, but also to keep our bones, joints, blood and hair strong too.



Other things that have been helping me cope with either stress or boosting my motivational juices is breathing… yup! hahaha But with proper technique!

Breathing may seem like a mundane activity that we don’t even have to think about, but recently, I’ve stumbled upon some Yoga-at-home YouTube videos, and there are also breathing exercises that have been helping with my mind, body, and spirit! They’ve been great for my circulation, focus, and even relaxation. Try searching for some online, you’ll be surprised by the difference these simple wonders make.


With prayers and practice, make this a habit by all means! I’m sure we’ll all live longer, and stronger! They say worry is inevitable in life, because problems are here to stay for as long as we’re still on Earth. But next time you feel the need to worry, pause, take a step back, and try offering your worries up to God.

There is great strength in surrender, because whatever happens, He’s got your back girl, or guy! Haha Tried and tested! Although I do have an active, always on-the-go lifestyle, God has tested me with both big and little boulders of health challenges since mid last year. He knows I easily get affected because I’m actually a low-key hypochondriac, and hate getting sick… but I chose to trust Him. There would be times I’d attend mass in tears, in physical pain which would lead to emotional and mental stress. But I held onto His word, and came out stronger. He won’t give us challenges we can’t handle. He will also make sure we face them with our angels on Earth… by blessing us with true friends and family.

IN REAL LIFE!Last week was one of the longest weeks I’ve ever has. It started with a 15 hour shoot last Moday, followed by express vlogging, editing, and publishing for the YT channel on Tuesday + it was also Valentine’s day, Wednesday I hosted for Upfront at the UAAP, Thursday we flew to Davao for a corporate event where I hosted and sang, Friday were the rehearsals and show proper… also vlogged and filmed that night, Saturday was the flight back where I prepped for Sunday’s Upfront at the UAAP live broadcast again… and today life continues.


I never thought I’d be able to survive it if God didn’t bless me back with better health, focus, and most especially the much needed TLC and support I get from my loved ones!

So express your fears, doubts, struggles, worries to the Lord first before anything else, and let Him hear you out. Communication and trust is key in any relationship, and this is the ultimate relationship we have to nourish and prioritize. Tests are there to refine our faith and relationship with God, so let’s not forsake it! It’s already a privilege enough to be called His children!

He just wants to be closer to us, by letting us trust him in these trying times. Patience really is a virtue. We often forget that A DELAY IS NOT A DENIAL, and that there’s a reason why it’s called “GOD’S PERFECT TIMING.

If you really think about it, it takes more effort not to trust and believe in God, because everywhere you look is an evidence of His divine design and existence! We just have to pay more attention, listen, and embrace it!

Every time there’s a chance to worry, try seeking God first! You can talk to him anytime of the day, seek for his guidance a thousand times a day, even! How awesome is that right? It’s the ultimate helpline! One day I put this promise to the test, and wanted to just practice my faith even in the littlest ways… So when a huge wasp came rushing in my room from the window I candidly requested to God for it to go away because I was about to work already. In less than 5 seconds, the wasp flew out of my room and exited through the window!

Wow! I would usually call our house help, ate Jessa first, to help me shoo away the wasp, but I tried calling God first and it worked! Call it a sign, or call it coincidence, but I call it His response! MT. 6:26

Most of the time, “we have not, because we ask not,” and start to worry above anything else. Us humans get weary, but He never does. He can handle it, so let Him. Always remember that your spirit is stronger than your setbacks because God is part of your spirit. He made us in his likeness! He is our shepherd, so let Him lead us. PSALM 28:9

Start your days and end your nights by living like His humble sheep, ready to obey and ready to be lead. You’ll experience the weight of the world immediately off of your shoulders. The only way you’ll find perfect peace, no matter how chaotic life can get, is through the God of perfect peace. So next time you find yourself in a rut, just breath, balance out your mind, body, heart, and spirit, and begin again!

Channel that spring time state of mind, and keep on blooming and growing.


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