Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want

Happy happy new year everybody! With the holidays technically over, we’re all set to a fresh start and a clean slate in beginning another new 365-page chapter in the story of our lives. No pressure! haha And as usual, the holiday season for most was undeniably hectic with all the tedious preparations for the festivities and not to mention the gift giving! 
For sure it’s been a challenge figuring out which presents to give our loved ones that they’ll truly appreciate, but  now that all that’s over, perhaps it’s time you enjoy the fun of shopping dedicated to yourself for a refreshing change? 
Fortunately, I had my dose of that experience thanks to BratPack‘s sweet post-Christmas shopping spree treat/challenge to choose my favorite picks and with the variety of lifestyle brands they house, oh boy, was it a real challenge for me! 
What a pretty problem…

Here are some photos as I journeyed through my BratPack shopping expedition.
Got you covered from top to toe!
Colorful and functional apparel! 
A wide selection of headphones and earphones!
Quirky and unique novelty items!
How pretty are these?
Will you be mine?
Roxy section!
The trusty old Jansport’s latest collection of iPad and iPhone cases! Wow!
Lightweight, eco-friendly Panda shades!
Trendy and sturdy luggages!
And even caps! Trying on a Brixton baby! 
I am amazed by how BratPack stores are conveniently complete, and that they don’t sacrifice quality despite the overwhelming quantity with all their premium world-class brands.
And so here are my picks! Got to choose some quality items namely my new Marshall Minor earphones and a Roxy handbag! 

The Jansport pack was a surprise gift from the BratPack crew and they chose well! It’s part of Jansport’s latest collection and I love that the cut and form of this backpack has a more vintage feel to it. Plus it’s so lightweight- a number one must for me in evaluating a bag’s functionality.

The Marshalls were just too pretty to ignore and I’ve been searching for a new ‘everyday bag’, that’s preferably brown, not too big with a wide zipper for easy access, and this Roxy baby was just perfect! 

Thank you so much BratPack!

Now here’s some interesting news… In light of the recently concluded holiday festivities, BratPack also gives everyone the fun opportunity of letting your friends and family know the items on your wish list that were ‘accidentally’ left out! 
Why not let them know what you exactly want with this interactive #ALLYOUWANTFORME wall?

Just hang those items on the wall and post your photos with the hashtag, and who knows you may be surprised with post-Christmas presents, welcoming the new year with new gifts/incentives! 

Go on, don’t be shy. You know you want to! And you know you deserve it since you’ve been such an angel all year round last year right? 
Of course. 

Everyone deserves second chances, and gift-giving and receiving isn’t and exception! So now you’ve got no excuse of not getting what you really really want or not knowing what your family and friends really want with the #AllYouWantForMe wall to help you through. 
So what are you waiting for? 
Cheers to a new year and cheers to the spirit of giving and receiving whatever the season may be!

Thank you once again BratPack store!