The Quintessential Elements of UNOde50

Spanish jewelry line, UNO de 50, celebrates its first ever Christmas in the Philippines with a lovely Autumn/Winter line! Got to visit the boutique in SM Aura to see them for myself!

UNO de 50 literally means “1 in 50,” and what does this mean for its patrons? Each uniquely handmade piece from Spain has only 50 pieces per design spread across the world! 

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to have been one of the first few to see their collections land in the metro. I must say, I love how distinct this brand is from the more “mainstream” designs  you’d easily see in the market! You’ll find that their designs have consistent elements in all their pieces that make them statement and genuine UNO de 50 pieces. 
This brand houses styles both for women and men. Some items are also unisex, and included in their wide variety of products are bracelets, rings, necklaces, brooches, belts, and even watches! 
Their collections are divided into FOUR LINES, each with distinct connections to different elements that inspired their creations: 

first – The connection with FORESTS:  Seen in the leather, resin-looking designs, inspired by nature. 

  • I recommend these styles to the adventure-seekers, the wanderers who love to travel, get lost, and embrace the simple yet captivating magic of the outdoors.
second – The connection with VASTNESS: Seen in the organic shapes of their signature silver-plated metal, inspired by the vastness of the earth’s landscapes. 

  • I suggest these styles to those who adore classic and under-stated looking pieces. These styles instantly imbibe elegance in any look.
third – The connection with INTIMACY: Seen in pieces shaped as keys, locks, zippers, and hearts in different sizes. 

  • These shapes are other signature styles of the statement brand. When you see that silver padlock, or that imperfectly perfect-shaped heart pendant, you’ll know it’s an UNOde50! 
fourth – The connection with MAGIC: Seen in the precious Swarovski Crystal elements that embellish the silver, inspired by the enchanting colors of the Northern Lights. 

  • This is a clear favorite of mine since I’m easily attracted to all things shining, shimmering, and splendid. In other words, they are just too pretty! I highly recommend this to people who love bold, statement pieces!
These are the four atmospheres that dictate the distinct character of a true UNOde50 piece! Their designs each have a story to tell that ultimately becomes a part of you. I’m too excited to wear my new earrings from their latest collection! It’s the exact one on this photo below:
These were some of my favorites! They look like something Elsa from Frozen will wear. But kidding aside, finding the perfect piece felt like finding your “spirit-animal-jewelry”! If you get what I mean. Also got a fine silver bracelet with the rectangle aquamarine pendant. 
One great announcement from the local franchise is that they will be giving a 20% discount on selected items found in all four of their stores here in Metro Manila. You can visit them in SM Makati, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM Aura. This discount is ongoing up until January 1st, 2015! These definitely make as quality presents if you’re still scavenging for those very last-minute gifts! 
For more information on the brand, visit!

Happy Holidays!