The Watsons Great White Sale! White Not?

With Rhea, and Marj at the event area! Photo by Pau Guevarra
How’s your January going so far? Well mine has been rather smooth, and white! WHITE you ask? Haha Well, because one of the very first events I got to grace was the launch of the #WatsonsGreatWhiteSale where they announced the big news that your favorite whitening brands in all Watsons stores nationwide will be having a big sale up to 50% off! What a deal! Also, when you use your SMAC card for a minimum purchase of Php 500.00, you get a chance to win shopping points worth 1,000,000! Woah!
With Arisse and Marga!
With Lau! Was a pleasant surprise to see my Smart and UAAP sister here!
Shopping with Marj! Photo by Pau Guevarra
Personally I know that my features work best with fair skin, so using whitening products and lotions has been part of my beauty regimen. After taking a shower I make sure to lather a great amount of skin treats on to my entire body. I’m the type that doesn’t scrimp with application to make sure I really get to feel and absorb the best of the solutions I use. The tendency is I easily run out of supplies, so I definitely took advantage of this sale! And to my delight, whitening toothpastes are included in the sale too! Yay! I’m not only a coffee lover, but also a tea addict because it just soothes me every time I get to enjoy a cup. The downside is, they both stain teeth easily. So toothpaste was definitely on my list!
This great white sale will only be up until February 24, 2016, so I suggest you stock up on those whitening must-haves to last you the whole year. Enjoy shopping! 
HS barkada vibes with David, ZA, Arisse, Vina, and Cha! We definitely enjoyed the event and it was so refreshing to see everyone again!
Hair color by Status Salon
Lashes by KIYOSA
Outfit by Details
Watch by Timex